All NBA 2K23 Season 1 Prizes

Fall month always belongs to NBA Squad. So the first good news is that the anticipated Season of NBA 2K23 was finally released to the gaming world.

Select your Shooting Guard to win the trophy while battling in Season one with your opponents, and don’t forget to collect various items of Michael Jordan since it’s a Jordan-themed season.

Don’t forget to explore the single corner of the open-world simulation game, fully loaded with brand-new content, gameplay, and impressive graphics by Visual Concepts.

In this brand new City of 2K games, The Rec, Club 2K, and a few significant features are back to the show. So, get your treat from PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

Get ready to team up the best squads to beat your opponent team and showcase your NBA Talents and prizes. Since it’s a brand-new season, what kind of prizes are you expecting? If you have any thoughts in your mind, let us know in the comment box; before that, I would like to share all the extraordinary prizes of Season 1 NBA 2K23 for you and your team. So, without any delays, let’s delve into the article.

NBA 2K23 Season 1 Prizes

All NBA 2K23 Season 1 Prizes

In NBA 2K23, there are 40 varieties of rewards to collect. Check out below to know the levels and prize details.

Level Reward
1 Season 1 Ball and T-Shirt
2 New Player Indicator
3 New New Jump Shot Meter
4 Winged Green Release
5 Season 1 Emote pack #1
6 Three MyTeam Tokens
7 Skill Boosts (10 Games)
8 Dr. Disrespect Black Steel Mullet + Headphones
9 Basketball and Siakam Banner
10 2XP Coin (30 Minutes)
11 #23 Mask
12 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Inside Defense)
13 New Player Indicator
14 Season 1 Emote pack #2
15 2K15 and Zion Banners
16 Clear Facemask
17 MyTeam Shoe Pack
18 2XP Coin (60 Minutes)
19 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Close Shot)
20 Dr. Disrespect Prototypes (Glasses)
21 Lamelo and Dynamic Duo Banners
22 Season 1 Emote pack #3
23 #23 Backpack
24 Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
25 MyTeam Promo Pack
26 Season 1 Emote pack #4
27 Hakeem and Davis Banners
28 2XP Coin (120 Minutes)
29 Life Jacket
30 Mountain Dew Trike
31 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Ball Handle)
32 Dr. Disrespect Showtime Vest
33 Season 1 Emote pack #5
34 Skill Boosts (10 Games)
35 MyTeam Limitless Pack
36 Jordan and Tatum Banners
37 2XP Coin (120 Minutes)
38 Season 1 Suit
39 Extra Badge Point
40 Four-Seater Golf Cart

How to check the availability of the Season Prize in NBA 2K23?

  • Once you have checked the incredible prices of NBA 2K23, make your way to MyCAREER mode to check out available prizes in this simulation game. 
  • After that, select the start menu, where you can see the Seasons tab.
  • Next, click the Season Prizes to check out the availability of your Prizes.

Note that the first season will end within 42 days, approximately on October 21, so before that brand-new season arrive, don’t forget to collect all those incredible prizes and show up in MyCareer Mode.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more NBA 2K23 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on September 10, 2022

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