All Lightfall Craftable weapons in Destiny 2

Lightfall craftable weapons – Bungie is back again with the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall. The game has a lot of new additions, including gear, equipment, abilities, a new destination, and so much more. Here in the game, you can travel to such a destination in Destiny 2 like you have never seen before, that is, the Technologically advanced secret city of Neomuna. The hype is insane!

One of the new introductions that Bungie made during the Witch Queen expansion in the game was the weapon crafting mechanic, which aimed at reducing the grind players had to do while they farmed for their weapons, the best god rolls. Obviously, not all the weapons were craftable, but the ones that were very soon made it to meta.

This Craftable mechanic is present in the latest, Lightfall too. Although a few aspects are changed and thereby making the system a lot more player-friendly. The developers have also introduced a few craftable weapons that are exclusive to the campaign to keep the mechanic alive.

All Lightfall Craftable Weapons

Explore all the Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall

We know that a lot of weapons have been introduced in the game with the new campaign, but only 5 of them are such that you can craft them on Mars at an enclave. Those weapons are:

  • Perpetualis: Strand 600 RPM Auto Rifle
  • Raconteur: Stasis Precision Frame Bow
  • Royal Executioner: Solar Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifle
  • Prodigal Return: Arc Lightweight Frame Grenade Launcher
  • Caretaker: Solar Adaptive Frame Sword
  • Round Robin: Strand Aggressive frame Hand Cannon
  • Phyllotactic Spiral: Arc High-impact frame Pulse Rifle
  • Dimensional Hypotrochoid: Compressed wave frame Stasis Heavy Grenade Launcher
  • Iterative Loop: Arc Rapid-fire frame Fusion Rifle
  • Volta Bracket: Aggressive frame Strand Sniper Rifle

You will be required to finish 5 Deepsight Resonance extractions. When this is done, you can head over to the Relic Engine at the Enclave on Mars and craft these weapons. To complete the extractions, you do not need to defeat the enemies using these weapons.

However, by unlocking the pattern and inspecting the weapon, you can even access the customization page. Out of the many challenges that Bungie has introduced in the game’s recent expansion, weapon crafting mechanics is for sure one of them.

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Last Updated on March 12, 2023

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