Rage 2 Ability Guide – How To Unlock Slam Ability

Rage 2 offers some great deal of abilities and they all look pretty awesome. The abilities are one of the important aspects of Rage 2 and if you want to ready yourself for endgame then you have to master all the abilities.

One of the best abilities in Rage 2 is the Slam ability. The Slam ability is great for crowd control and is fun to use as well. Now, abilities in Rage 2 do no unlock automatically. Here is how to get or unlock the Slam ability in Rage 2:

Rage 2 Ability Guide – How To Unlock Slam Ability

What is the Slam ability in Rage 2?

Slam is one of the most useful and fun abilities to use in Rage 2. The players smashes the ground with a punch attack, destroying enemies caught under your fist and sending nearby foes flying. Remember, the higher you jump, the more powerful the ground slam.

How to unlock or get the Slam ability in Rage 2?

Getting the Slam ability is not very a complex task. All you have to do is reach the Earthscar Ark. You can find the Earthscar Ark at the northern part of Torn Plains. The Ark is sitting on top of a massive hill so it is pretty easy to spot from a distance. The difficulty rating of the Earthscar Ark is level three so be prepared for a good battle. Outside the Ark you will notice the Goon Squad fighting with the Immortal Shrouded warriors. Clear the area and open the Ark. Go through the tutorial and the Slam ability will be unlocked for you.

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Last Updated on May 14, 2019

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