Just Rewards Enigma Solution and Location in AC Mirage

When you find the location of the ‘Just Rewards Enigma’ in AC Mirage, you can decode the rather crudely drawn map and find the rewards, thereby ticking off another collectible in the game. 

The latest AC Mirage scales down the immense RPG gameplay formula that you can find in the recent AC titles and goes back to its stealthy roots that could be found in the older AC titles from the Ezio trilogy and the original game. The game offers things like the ability for the players to disguise themselves during assassinations and collectibles all over Baghdad. It ensures that the game AC Mirage feels like a throwback. 

I know how head-scratching these Enigma maps can be to figure out, so if you are confused, don’t worry, I’ve got you! Keep reading to discover the Solution and Location of the ‘Just Rewards Enigma’ in AC Mirage!

Just Rewards Enigma Solution and Location in AC Mirage

Just rewards location in AC Mirage

To get to the treasure that you can find on the map of the Just Rewards Enigma, you will first have to head straight north from the Basra Gate and head to the Shurta Headquarters. This is in the Commanders’ District of Round City. 

After you reach there, from the building’s south, you will find a small doorway leading to a yard with some equipment. Then, towards the left, you will find a cage that has a red tarp on it, and this will be beside the rows of boxes. 

Now, interact with the point on the top of the cage, and doing so will finally complete the Just Rewards Enigma and get you the Black Abbasid Knight dye as a reward. 

Solution and Reward of ‘Just Rewards Enigma’

How do you find the ‘Just Rewards Enigma’ location in AC Mirage?

Just Rewards Enigma Guide

The Enigma ‘Just Rewards’ in the game AC Mirage is located on a huge wooden overlook above the Basra Gate (a landmark found towards the southeast side of the Round City region). To access it, parkour up on any of the walls of the gate. However, given that this area is restricted, you might have to assassinate a guard or two.

You will now be one step closer to completing all of the Enigmas in AC Mirage. That sums up everything I had on Just Rewards Solution and Location in AC Mirage. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Last Updated on October 11, 2023

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