How to get Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal

Zakarum Sigil is one of the essential items in Diablo Immortal. It is the only Sigil that can break through the dangerous and ferocious World Boss’s shield, so obtaining the Zakarum Sigil is a significant activity that you should do. These Zakarum Sigils are for those Diablo players who want to fight the Ancient Nightmare in the Diablo Immortal game. However, the exact location and getting the Zakarum Sigil is quite tricky. So this article will guide you on how to get Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal.

How to get Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal

To get the Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal, you must defeat Lord Martanos. Head over to the northwest side of Zakarum Graveyard at Mount Zavain. Once you reach the location, you must search for a tomb with the Martanos Altar. The Martanos Altar can summon Lord Martanos after every thirty minutes. We have marked the site of the boss. Once you slay him, you will be rewarded with the Zakarum Sigil.

zakarum sigil location

After you get the Zakarum Sigil, wait for a few minutes, and the Ancient Nightmare will spawn. Afterwards, go to Mount Zavain and reach a Misty Valley place. Once you have located the boss, follow him until you get to one of the Altars. Put those Sigils in the Altars, and a white dome of light will emit from it, damaging the Ancient Nightmare. Please note that this is temporary, and you will need to activate other altars so that you can defeat Ancient Nightmare quickly.

Taking down the Ancient Nightmare will reward you with the Nilfur’s Precision Vessel. It is one of the legendary Horadrim Vessel. If you wish to take the Vessel with the Iben Fahd’s Sanctum, you will be able to earn more armor penetration for all your Diablo Immortal Characters. Apart from the Vessel, you will also be rewarded with a chest, although it is not as rewarding as the Nilfur’s Precision Vessel.

ancient nightmare event

As we said earlier, ARPG Games need a lot of preparation before you head towards a fight. Even if you have a lot of Zakarum Seals in your inventory is typically going to be hard taking down the Ancient Nightmare all by yourself. Because many players play the event simultaneously, they might not have the necessary seals to do so. So make sure you are adequately prepared and teamed up to fight the craziest monsters in Diablo Immortal.

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Last Updated on January 8, 2024

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