How to get Money in Dead Island 2

Farm Money in Dead Island 2 – Dead Island 2 is a first-person action zombie slaying game developed by Dambuster Studios. This is the series’ third installment, set in San Francisco and Los’ Angeles, and the story picks up from where Dead Island 1 and Riptide originated. The game features excellent graphics and immersive mechanics and is a must-play for all Dead Island fans.

Money is crucial even during a Zombie Apocalypse and is one way to upgrade your weapons and items. You can also use the in game money to buy different med packs, stat mods, abilities, and level-ups. Although you can earn a decent amount of money by playing through the storyline, if the game difficulty increases, you might want to make more and use that money to buy better and upgraded weapons. Since getting cash can confuse newer “players,” we are here to help.

So this article will guide you on how to get Money fast in the Dead Island 2 Game.

trader in dead island 2

How to get Money in Dead Island 2

We have identified three ways to get money fast in the Dead Island 2 game.

Explore the Areas

The fastest and easiest way to earn money in Dead Island 2 is by roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Even though the game is not open, the explorable areas are significant. You will find a lot of houses and stores in the city to be empty. You can loot those houses, and you be able to acquire some cash.

Furthermore, you will also find some of the areas are locked and will require a key to access them, and one such example is the “Safes” in the area, which typically have money inside them but are always locked. Interacting with the zombies is another way of farming cash in Dead Island 2. So make sure you find and kill every one of them as they drop a little money and an energy drink and protein bar.

Sell off Unused Items and Weapons

You can sell off your new Gear for money whenever you come across a Trader. Weapons in Dead Island 2 are costly and help fetch good cash if you manage to find and sell rare and superior types of weapons. You can also sell various items like Fabrics and Wires, but they aren’t worth much. However, you can unlock more powerful weapons as you level up. Since you will constantly find newer weapons, it is better to sell the low-powered ones to make space for better ones in your arsenal, as your inventory space is quite limited.

Take advantage of the Glitch.

You can also use the Glitch that current players use to get money fast. This glitch in the game allows you to duplicate weapons when playing in online coop session mode. After you have backed up your save file, you can drop any number of weapons you want and immediately close the game, and then you can replace the new save file with the old one.

As the game restarts, all the weapons are restored, and the dropped ones always stay spawned. You can collect those, take them to the nearby trader and trade it for some dollars.

So this article was about how to get or earn Money fast in the Dead Island 2 game.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023

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