How to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal

Hilts Diablo Immortal – Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play (MMO) action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. It is an online-only game, and the story takes place between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Apart from the premium Eternal Orbs and Platinum currency, there are two less-valued currencies in the game: Gold and Hilts. These Hilts hold cash and item-like value in the game, and with them, you can buy the Endgame Crests and the other valuable crafting materials. So this article will guide you on how to get Hilts and the items you can purchase with them.

How to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal

How to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal

Hilts are one of the rarest items in the game; getting those is not easy. Handles can be used to craft those materials which are themselves rare to find. You can try the following ways to get and farm Hilts quickly in Diablo Immortal.

Perform the first Kill-of-the-Day

You can get Hilts from the random rewards section once you perform the first kill of the day. This is the easiest way to farm more hits. However, it is not guaranteed to work every time because it somehow works on a loot luck basis. So make sure you don’t give up if you don’t get Hilts after getting your first kill, as getting Hilts is not guaranteed at all.

Check with the Codex

You can earn Hilts by completing different area achievements. Check your codex regularly to claim any unclaimed rewards that feature the Hilts.

Complete all the Rift Challenges

Complete all the Rift Challenges, and you will be able to increase your ranks. Once your level increases, you can earn Hilts as a reward. You can also earn Hilts by completing the PVP and Faction Quests.

Compete with the Leaderboards

You have to keep up with the competition. Once you reach the 1000 rank in Diablo Immortal under the Solo Leaderboards, you can get Hilts as rewards. You need to be at least 250 if you play in a group of 4. If you manage to be in the top 10, you will be rewarded with the maximum amount of Hilts.

Getting Battle pass

Once you progress through the Battle Pass, you will be able to earn Hilts for sure. The Battle Pass rewards feature hilts; you can make a decent amount of hilts as you reach a certain level with battle points.

Where to find Hilt Traders in Diablo Immortal

Once you get your hands on some Hilts, you can take those to the Hilt Trader. If you follow the story, once you reach level 28, you will be automatically led to the Hilt Trader at the Westmarch. You can also visit the Hilt trader before going to level 28 to spend your hilts on some great items in the game.

hilt traders location

What to do with Hilts in Diablo Immortal

Once you have enough Hilts, you might be wondering where to spend it. You can pay that by visiting the Hilt Trader and getting items from him in exchange for it. Although the items after exchanging your Hilts can only be used for a limited amount o, we recommend you contact the Legendary Crest. These crests are available once a monthly guarantee, a legendary gem drop when you take it to the Elder Rifts. Do not buy useless items like scraps and items you can farm for yourself. Invest in something which cannot be planted. The elegant way you should spend your hilts on Legendary Crests.

So this was all about how to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal.

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Last Updated on June 16, 2022

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