How to get Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

Dazzling Rainbowite Honkai – In Honkai Star Rail, you can acquire the Dazzling Rainbowite by simply talking to an NPC who is a mysterious Lady. Read the guide below to know where you can find her in the game!

The Dazzling Rainbowite is an item you get from quests, and you can get it in the game from the overworld of Jarilo VI. In the beginning, it might seem like this item is useless. However, this is not the case. Instead, you can use it to get Credits and rewards in exchange. The downside is that you can’t just find it on your map; readily available to you. Instead, you will have to head out and explore the world in the game. We have saved you from the hard work and done it for you.

So this article guide will help you get Dazzling Rainbowite Location and tell you how to use it in Honkai Star Rail.

How to get Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

How to get Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

Dazzling Rainbowite Location

You will first have to interact with the Mysterious Lady, an NPC, the Treasure Chest Magician in Boulder Town, to get your hands on the Dazzling Rainbowite. You can find her on the eastern side of the Goethe Grand Hotel Space Anchor to give you a more accurate location. 

Upon doing so, she will ask you to choose between two chests: a small and a large one. If you choose the smaller one, you are rewarded with the Dazzling Rainbowite. However, if you pick the larger one, you get in a fight with two Frostspawns and two Flamespawns. If you have chosen the larger chest, then don’t worry. You can still head back and open the smaller one to obtain the Dazzling Rainbowite. When you finish the fight, you get rewarded with 10,000x Credit and 20x Shield. 

How can you use Dazzling Rainbowite

You must converse with Balaway the Miner’s Lamp to use this quest item in the game. You can find him towards the south of where you found the Mysterious Lady.

While you are talking to Balaway, pick the dialogue- “I’m holding a fistful of crystal.” When you select it, you will get a prompt to exchange the Dazzling Rainbowite. You receive 10,000 x Credits and 1 x Praise of High Morales upon exchanging it.

So that pretty much sums up everything there is to know about how to get Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail.

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Last Updated on May 12, 2023

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