How to fill up the Focused Fishing Bar in Destiny 2

Fill Focused Fishing Bar Destiny 2 –  With the release of the 21st season of Destiny 2- Season of the Deep. Players can now fish in some specified areas. That, too, comes with certain buffs; take Focused Fishing, for example. It’ll increase your chances of getting slightly better rewards than you’d normally get.

So in this article, we’ll guide you on how to fill up the Focused Fishing Bar; keep reading!

How to fill up the Focused Fishing Bar in Destiny 2

The basics of the focused fishing bar are such that the higher the bar, the higher the chances for you to get a better drop. Fishing this season can grant you some really good stuff; you’ve got a fair chance to get your hands on World Drops, Reputation with Sloane, Season drops, or, in some rare cases, the Exotic Armor, which you’ll get if you bag an exotic fish. 

Before we get into it, the Focused Fishing bar is tied to each time you fish in that particular place. If you disconnect or the game crashes, you probably won’t return to the same instance unless you’re with a friend. Further, the reset time for each instance of fishing is around 10-15 minutes!

Now that we’re aware of the fact that the higher the bar is, the better chances we’ve got to get a better drop, here’s how you could increase the bar to the maximum:

First, the Focused fishing bar increases primarily as you catch legendary or exotic fish; the effect of it applies to that fishing pond itself. If a bunch of guardians fish in the same pond, it’ll increase the chances of catching a decent fish as it increases the number of fish in the pond. Further, it increases the chances of the gauge raising to its maximum.

Fill Focused Fishing Bar in Destiny 2

If you’ve caught enough fish, after a point, the game might display a message that says, “More fish are beginning to gather” or “Nearby fish have begun to take notice”. This means you’ve made progress!

Catching different fishes of different rarity will progress the bar differently; legendary fish tend to increase the bar by a quarter, and exotic fish, on the other hand, will increase it by a bit more than that of Legendary ones. Also, ensure you’ve got enough bait to last a while. 

NOTE: You don’t need a full bar to catch exotic fish, it might increase the chances, but you’ll still be able to catch exotics with a bar half-full or lower. 

Finally, raising the bar to the whole level might take a while, so make sure you’re protected enough; a way to do this is by getting some help and extra guardians!

So this was all about how to fill up the Focused Fishing Bar in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on May 26, 2023

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