Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) – Bloody Palace – What Is It?

Capcom’s latest addition to it’s super popular hack and slash franchise, Devil May Cry 5, has already proven to be one the best gaming titles the world has ever seen. Players, critics, they all love the game and are thoroughly enjoying it. Even the haters, if there are any, have to agree that it is a masterpiece.

From the movement to combat to the optimization, everything is excellent about this game. Nowadays, it is tough to judge whether a game that we just bought is worth the hefty price or not. But Devil May Cry 5 blows questions like these out of the window. It is worth every single penny of yours. It is nothing less than a gift that Capcom gave to those players who have been craving for a good single player game for ages.

Just when we thought that the features we have in Devil May Cry 5 now is all we are going to get, Capcom decided to hit us with something new. A new patch dropped for DMC 5 and it brought something more of the players. The Update v1.07 brought a new mode in the game. The mode is called Bloody Palace. People who have been wondering that what it really is. Is it any good? Don’t worry, we got you. We will tell you everything about this new mode. Here is everything you need to know about the new Bloody Palace mode in Devil May Cry 5:

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) – Bloody Palace – What Is It?

What is Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 5?

Let us get straight to the point. What is Bloody Palace? Well, Bloody Palace is a Survival mode. Now, if that is all you were looking for and you don’t want any further spoilers then you can stop reading this guide right now and try it by yourself. But, if you want to know a bit more then we suggest that you stick.

Capcom dropped a new patch for Devil May Cry 5, update v1.07. The main attraction of this update is obviously the Bloody Palace mode. We have have already told you what Bloody Palace really is and now lets go into the details. Bloody Palace is a time based survival mode that would indeed challenge your skills and everything that you have learnt so far from playing Devil May Cry 5. It is an endless survival mode where the only way to survive is via killing enemies and adding seconds to your timer. Bloody Palace is completely free and people who already own Devil May Cry 5 will gain access to Bloody Palace immediately.

When you start the mode you will be hit with 3 options. Start, Warm Up and Customize. Selecting Start would obviously start the mode. Selecting Warm Up would send you to the void to practice your combos and kills because once the mode starts there is no turning back, so warming up before starting is always recommended if you want to last longer. And finally, select Customize to make vital changes to your character that would actually help you in game.

You get to choose between Dante, Nero and V before starting the game. No, Vergil is still not playable, sad. You will get the option to customize your character the way you want. There are no limitations. If you have everything unlocked, you will get to use everything, simple.

As soon as you start the mode you will be thrown into an arena. If you have selected Nero then you will see a lot of Devil Breakers lying on the ground. You can choose whatever you like. You will also notice a pit in the middle of the arena. Just move towards it and the Stage 1 will start. You will begin with 2 minutes on your timer and as you kill more and more you will go on adding extra time to the timer.

At first, like every other survival game or mode, the enemies are fairly easy. You can mow through them pretty easily but as time passes by and you start advancing to higher stages, the difficulty starts to go up. But the increase is gradual and not sudden. Use everything you have got to kill the enemies as fast as you can because the faster you kill the more is your chance to survive longer. You will encounter Bosses as well. Bosses that you have met in the main story line. Their difficulty will vary according to the Stage they are at. Make sure your timer does not hit 0. If it does then everything is over. You will have to start all over again.

And finally, do not forget to keep some time in your hand because you won’t be able to save your progress, quit the game and start from where you left. Once you quit, you will have have to start from Stage 1.

That is everything you need to know about Bloody Palace. We think it is an excellent addition and perfect for players who have completed the main story of Devil May Cry 5 and are looking for some endgame content.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment and we would definitely try to answer them.





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