Destroy All Humans 2020 – How to land the Flying Saucer

Destroy All Humans 2020 how to land flying saucer – Wondering how to get out of your saucer in Destroy All Humans? Here is how.

Destroy All Humans 2020 – How to land the Flying Saucer

The 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans in finally here and it is looking really great so far. The game is enjoying quite a smooth launch so far and people are really enjoying the open world environment.

If you didn’t know, the game Destroy All Humans! is about an Alien called Crypto who is on a mission to invade earth. And what is that one thing all Aliens have in common? A Flying Saucer obviously!

Same is the case in DAH where you get your own Flying Saucer that lets you wreak havoc on your surroundings in-game. You can destroy pretty much anything with the Saucer. It is really powerful and really fun to use.

Though using the Saucer is really fun, we have to agree that playing as Crypto is even more fun. And for that you need to exit the Saucer. But how do you do so?

How to land the Flying Saucer

Now the game doesn’t allow you to land the Flying Saucer just anywhere on the map. Which means you cannot exit the Saucer on a random spot. In order to land the Flying Saucer:

  • You have to look for the landing spots on the map
  • Here is how it looks like:
  • Just bring your Flying Saucer over to these landing spots
  • Hold E to land your UFO and get out of it

Next time you want to get inside your Saucer, you will have to come to the spot where you had initially left it and then hold E again to get inside.

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Last Updated on July 29, 2020

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