Days Gone For PC – Will Days Gone Ever Come To PC?

Whenever a new game gets announced, a very common question arises in the minds of a lot of people. Will it come to PC or Steam? The reason for this question is a lot of great gaming titles never made their way to the PC platform. Even when the fans begged for them. Red Dead Redemption games are a huge example.

Now that Days Gone is here, every PC gamer is asking the same question again. Even though Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive and there might never be a PC version, fans are still hopeful? So will Days Gone ever launch for PC or Steam?

Days Gone For PC – Will Days Gone Ever Come To PC?

Is Days Gone On PC?

Days Gone is developed by Sony and it is exclusive to PS4 only.

Will there ever be a PC version of Days Gone?

It is very hard to say because everything related to Days Gone is controlled by Sony. Just like God Of War or Last Of Us, Days Gone is a PlayStation exclusive. And since these titles never made their way to the PC platform, Days Gone will more or less suffer the same fate.

But on the other hand PS4 exclusive likes Detroit : Become Human and Beyond : Two Souls are coming to PC soon. So we can say that there is still hope and Days Gone might come to PC in the near future. But all we can do as of now, is wait.




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