Dauntless – All Exotic Weapons And Armor – How To Unlock

Here to know about all the exotics in Dauntless and how you can get them? Don’t worry we got you. Here is a list of all the exotic weapons and armor that you can obtain in Dauntless:

Here are all the exotics available in Dauntless

The Hunger – Exotic Sword

Molten Edict – Exotic Hammer

The Godhand – Exotic War Pike

Prismatic Grace – Exotic Helmet

The Skullforge – Exotic Helmet

Tragic Echo – Exotic Helmet

How to unlock these exotics

Now that you know what exotic weapons and armor pieces are available in the game at the moment, lets talk about unlocking them. When you get an exotic drop you do not get the weapon or armor piece directly. You get the blueprint instead. Once you obtain the blueprint you can then go for the quest to unlock the exotic completely. The drops are completely based on RNG and as far as our knowledge goes, the drop chances are pretty slim. Here are the exotic locations:

The Hunger and Tragic Echo

The Hunger exotic sword and the Tragic Echo exotic helmet drops from the Shrowd behemoth.

The Godhand and Prismatic Grace

The Godhand exotic war pike and the Prismatic Grace exotic helmet drops from the Rezakiri behemoth

Molten Edict and The Skullforge

And finally The Skullforge exotic helmet and Molten Edict exotic hammer drops from the Firebrand Charrogg behemoth.


You can even get these exotic blueprint drops from Heroic Patrols or Heroic + Patrols. It doesn’t matter which behemoth you face in the patrol. They all have a small chance of dropping exotic blueprints. When you defeat a behemoth the exotic blueprint will drop as an Orange orb and the weapon card of that exotic you got will flash on your screen immediately.

Happy hunting!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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