How to Acquire the Keycard in “Deep Cover” without being spotted in Modern Warfare 3

There is no doubt that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has a plethora off awesome weapons. While most of them allow you go all in with your guns and wreak havoc, in some missions you are forced to take a stealthy approach. Such is the “Deep Cover” mission of COD MW3.

In this mission, you play as Laswell, and your job is to survive inside the enemy military base without getting spotted. The first objective that you get in “Deep Cover” is “Reach the Admin building”. You get a waypoint for that, so finding the Admin Building is a piece. It is the “Acquire the Keycard” part where people are struggling. Don’t worry, here is how to do it:

Keycard in Deep Cover mission in COD MW3

How to Acquire the Keycard from the Officer in Deep Cover

You have to remember that the key to this Deep Cover mission is maintaining your distance from the enemies. Though you are dressed as one of them, they will start suspecting you if you go too close to them. Once they start suspecting you, and if you don’t take cover, they will start shooting at you, and you will get eliminated immediately. Stealth is the only option here.

To reach the Admin Building, start the mission by entering “Focus Mode” which just means that you hide your weapon. Press Caps Lock, or whatever your Map button is, to make the Waypoint pop up on your screen. If you hear dialogues like “Who is that?”, “Haven’t seen her”, “Show your ID”, or “She looks unfamiliar”, start walking away from the soldiers immediately and look for a place to hide.

After you reach the Admin Building, you will notice an Officer wearing a black suit walking out of the building. The officer is the one who has the Keycard. The officer will have soldiers around him, so you will have to wait for him to get isolated. You will see him going upstairs into a building alone, which might seem like the perfect time to take him down and get the Keycard, but that would be a huge mistake, as there is a single soldier planted inside that building. So, if you takedown the Officer inside that building, the Soldier will most likely activate the alarm. Wait for the Officer to come down from the first building and enter the second building. That second building is the perfect place to take him down and acquire the Keycard. This is the only way to get the Keycard.

If you are having trouble figuring it out, I have made a video showing how to do it:

Just follow the video, and you should be good.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

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