World War Z – Download Size

Saber Interactive’s third-person zombie shooter title, World War Z is finally here. Now, one thing people are concerned about is the download size of the game. Nowadays, AAA games take up a lot of space and if an individual does not have enough space on his/her hard drive then he/she won’t be able to even start the download for any game. So lets talk about the download size of World War Z.

World War Z – Download Size

Where can I download World War Z from?

People who are looking to play World War Z can download it via the Epic games launcher. If you have already purchased World War Z then just download the launcher, login, go to your library and start downloading

What is the download file size of World War Z?

According to the epic games launcher the download size of World War Z is 24.9GB. So make sure you have around 35-40GB free space on your hard drive.

You are good to go!





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Last Updated on October 4, 2020

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