Wolfenstein Youngblood co-op bug – Unable to invite friend – Is there a fix?

Wolfenstein Youngblood is finally here on all the platforms and lets say that things are not going very smooth for Bethesda. So far the game has got mixed reviews and it looks like this title failed to live up to the expectations.

It has just been a day and people have already started complaining about issues like lag, random disconnections and crashes. And these problems are preventing players, who actually want to enjoy the game, from enjoying the game. Recently an annoying multiplayer bug has popped up that is destroying the experience for a lot. So what is this bug? Is there a fix?

Wolfenstein Youngblood co-op bug – Unable to invite friend

What is the Wolfenstein Youngblood co-op bug?

The co-op bug is a bug that has affected the Wolfenstein Youngblood multiplayer mode. It looks like that a lot of players cannot seem to invite their friends to their game.

They are claiming that they can see their friends online but whenever they are trying to invite them, it is not working. Which means people are able to send invites but they cannot seem to receive them.

Now we all know that you can play Youngblood with one more friend of yours. Which makes the overall experience more fun. But if this aspect is taken away a lot of us won’t be happy.

Is there a fix to this bug?

Before being sure that you are encountering the same bug, you need to make sure that there is nothing wrong from your side. Make sure that you have verified your Bethesda account and then you have added your friend via his Bethesda username.

Look at the icon top right of the main menu screen, click it and search your friends name and add them as friend on your account, then you can invite them to your game. This actually worked for a lot of people. Another thing that fixed this bug for a lot people is by changing their steam profile privacy to public.

If none of these are working for you then you have no other choice but to wait for an official fix from the developers. We know that bugs like these are very frustrating and they leave a bad taste in your mouth but the truth is, bugs and glitches like these have become very common in AAA game nowadays.

The good news is Bethesda is already aware of this bug and they will release a fix very soon.



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Last Updated on July 27, 2019