Which is the best Stance to use in Jedi Survivor

Best Stance in Jedi Survivor – Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment and Published by EA Games. This game is a sequel to the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and is available on Playstation, Windows and Xbox Consoles.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor game features alot of lightsaber stances you can use and equip while playing. Each of these stances has unique perks; thus, you might find it difficult to use certain stances against certain enemies. So to clarify which one will be the best for you, we have listed the stances available in the game that you can use to tear down your enemies effortlessly.

So this article will guide you about the best Lightsaber Stance you can use in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Which is the best Stance to use in Jedi Survivor

Which is the best Stance to use in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Although for the most experienced players, the Crossguard and the Double-Bladed Stances are the most obvious choices, there isn’t anything called the “Best Stance” in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Remember that each of these stances has its perks and drawbacks, which can either make things easy or challenging depending upon the situation. Since it is a preferential thing, these are the following stances you can find in the game.

Single Blade Stance The Single Blade Stance is the most balanced option you can use again, single or a small group of enemies. If you have perks, you can upgrade this stance as well. It is a well-rounded option for all situations and one of the easiest stances to master.
Double Blade Stance This stance is excellent for larger enemies or groups of enemies around you. Since it has a good amount of reach, it sacrifices a little on the defence side. This can be great for multiple and larger enemy groups.
Dual Weilding Stance This is the best and the most fun-to-use stance that the game offers, and it deals alot of damage paired with quick attack speeds. This stance is quite time-consuming to master, and it will take some time to perfect your parry times and melee defence deliveries, although you will lose alot of Stamina while using this stance.
Blaster Stance With the Blaster Stance, you will wield your Blaster and use it alongside the Light Saber. You can charge up the blaster to deal massive damage to your enemies, which is excellent for enemies standing at a distance. It is typically insufficient for close quarters, and if you are facing Stormtroopers, then it is best to avoid this stance.
Crossguard Stance You can use this Stance to wield your lightsaber like Kylo Ren. Your Swing will be extremely powerful and heavy, but it will be so slow that you might miss hitting some of your enemies. It is best to use it when timed correctly, and if appropriately hit, the damage it deals, you might readily consider it the best stance in the game, even during boss battles.

So these were some of the best Stance you can use in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2023

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