Where to find Weapon Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3

SW3 Weapon Orbs Location Guide – The Shadow Warrior 3 comes with a bunch of new and crazy weapons, and you can level up these weapons using Orbs. With these upgrades, you will be able to shoot for a longer period, thus dealing a lot of damage. The orbs add certain animations to your attacks as well. So in this article, we will guide you on where to find the Weapon Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3.

The Weapon orbs are scattered all across the 11 missions. If you pause the game, you will see Lo Wang’s weapon upgrade paths. Lo’s every skill upgrade requires Upgrade Orbs. There are three different levels and requires either 1, 2 or 4 Orbs respectively for each level upgrade. Apart from the Orbs that you get in the main missions, you can also earn Orbs by playing certain Upgrade Orb Challenges.

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Where to find Weapon Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3

There are Weapon Upgrade Orbs scattered throughout the game, and here are the locations.

Level 1 – The Dragon’s back

  • There are no upgrade Orbs here in this mission.

Level 2 – Way to Motoko

  • After you get the grappling hook, and descend to the narrow ledges, you will find an Upgrade Orb there directly in front of you.
  • After the cutscene, you will see the Kumo Brotherhood Gates, on the lower left, you will find a weapon Upgrade orb.

Level 3 – Motoko’s Thunderdome

  • When you are chasing Tanuki, you will be doing a wall run on a Staligtite and land on the other platform. You can reach the orb from there
  • After your fight with the Laser Shogun, you will have to chase Tanuki again. You will find another orb on the way.
  • When Tanuki jumps into the water, instead of following him, take the right. You have to climb some rocks to reach an upgrade orb.
  • After taking down the Mogura Twins, you can see a sacred tree, from where you can drop the platform and obtain the Upgrade orb.

Level 4 – That Damn Dam

  • Once you obtain the Basilisk, reach the rabbits. Look at the wall on your right and hop over the wall. Directly above the stairs upfront, there is an upgrade orb.
  • After you run back to the tower structure, you will another orb directly on your path.

Level 5 – Walking on Eggshells

  • After you complete the fight with the Mogura Twins, you will find a path to the ground level. Don’t take that road and instead climb up on the platform that is on the right with your grappling hook and once you look up you will find some vines. Destroy those to get the orb.
  • Once you complete the first arena and reach a platforming station, you will find another orb.
  • You will find another orb on the top of the central pillar.
  • After you leave the room, you will find another room with sliding elevator platforms. There will be another orb over there.
  • When you first face the Hattori, you will find an orb on the top of the ledge in that room. Defeat those enemies and shoot a marked target to drop a column. Following up this path, you will get the orb.
  • When you have earned your Shuriken Spitter weapon, destroy all the roots in front of you and reach the water. You will be able to see the orb that is placed in an elevated position. You can turn around, and you should see some glowing roots. Destroy those roots and follow the path which leads to the orb.

Level 6 – Egg Express

  • Once you get down from the boat, you will be able to see an upgrade orb floating over the water. Obtain it and grapple back to the land.
  • Once you are done with the second arena, go right and jump onto the boat which is carrying the egg. You will find another orb over there.
  • When you lose the egg again, follow the straight path, and you will get an Upgrade orb directly in front of you.

Level 7 – Doomsday Device

  • After you have cleared the three spinning traps, you can continue through the gates onto one of the platforms, and you will find an upgrade orb over there.
  • After defeating the chef Oboru Guruma continue along the path, you will find an upgrade orb over there.

Level 8 – Wayfarer’s Forest

  • Walk straight through the rubble until you come out in a clear location. You will be able to see an upgrade orb from the top of the rocky mountains into the forest.
  • You will notice large mushroom caps that are protruding out of the trees. Furthermore, you can jump on these caps to find the weapon upgrade orbs.
  • When you have cleared out the first arena, walk straight, and you will find an upgrade orb there.
  • Once you reach the second arena in the mission, you will find a section that has a lot of grappling. After a certain grapple point, you will have to start climbing until you reach the top of the log. Once you have reached, turn around and walk through the path to obtain the upgrade orb.

Level 9 – The Fast and the Furry

  • After you make the bomb, you will find this upgrade orb on your path after the cutscene.
  • Once you encounter the Gassy Obariyon, you can destroy the glowing root and climb the wall and wall run ahead. On your left, you will be able to see a platform that rotates in a counterclockwise manner around the rock. You will find the Upgrade Orb over there.
  • After you destroy the Dragon Statue, you will fall and find another Weapon upgrade orb directly in front of you.

Level 10 – Midnight Snack

  • You can find this orb after you clear the fallen ice at the beginning of the mission.
  • You can see a floating rock with some vines on it. Hop on that rock and once you slide down the snowy platforms you will find an upgrade orb there.
  • After you fall on the shattered ice and get back outside the ice vines, you will find an Upgrade orb on your path.
  • After battling with Gassy Obariyon, you will find an ice cliff to the right with a gap. There should be a Weapon orb in between the gaps.

Level 11 – Intestinal Inspector

  • After you fight the second arena, you can slide down towards the lava before you swing and grapple in a safe place. After you land, you can again swing back to a hidden cave with the Weapon orb inside.
  • Continue through the mission and after reaching the solid ground, you will find another upgrade orb on the left near the bones.

So this is where to find Weapon Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3.

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Last Updated on March 5, 2022

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