Where to find Pink F in Evil Dead

Pink F Evil Dead – Saber Interactive never disappoints its fans. In that respect, the recent launch of Evil Dead: The Game is gaining huge praise from its devotees. Yes, it’s a survival horror game that features iconic characters like Ash Williams.

At the time of playing, you and your squad might notice some bottles tagged as “Pink F.” It is really amazing loot because it will lead the way to upgrade your character, and also consuming them will help you to calm yourself. In this article, we covered a clear guideline to where to find Pink F in Evil Dead. Let’s find check out the guide.

What is Pink F in Evil Dead The Game

Pink F is an important item in Evil Dead: The Game. Utilize the bottles to unlock one skill point and use these skill points to upgrade any of your skills as per your wish. Sounds cool, right. But the outcome will last as long as you are in the game. Pink F bottles are really important if you are considering giving yourself a fighting chance against the Deadites.

Now, different character have different types of skills. But they all fall under the same 6 categories:

  • Melee: Upgrading this skill will be help you boost your Melee damage and attack speed.
  • Ranged: Upgrading this skill will help you boost your ranged damage and reload speed reduction.
  • Health: Upgrading this skill will help you increase the maximum health of your character.
  • Fear: Maintaining fear level plays a major role in Evil Dead: The Game, so this fear meter will help you to keep your fear at a low point.
  • Stamina: Upgrading this skill will help you increase your overall stamina
  • Shield: At last, the shield will help you to improve your shield bars at the same time you can access more number of amulets

Upgrading skills with Pink F in Evil Dead

But, finding Pink F is not so easy, as they are not common items. You will have to scavenge a lot.

Where to Find Pink F in Evil Dead

You can get Pink F by looting Supply Crates in different locations with help of the map. But be watchful of your surroundings because some Supply Crates might be traps.

Where to find Pink F in Evil Dead

Another option will be collecting the Kandarian Dagger and The Lost Pages to get awarded additional Supply Crates. In addition, Epic and legendary Supply Crates have the best chances of  giving Pink F.

Be mindful that unlocking these skills using Pink F is not permanent. For the next match, you will have to upgrade your survivors, again. 

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Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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