Where to find Baleful Fragment in Diablo 4

Baleful Fragment D4 – A bunch of different items exists in the game, and a percentage of them are quite essential as they’re crafting materials. One of these materials is Baleful Fragment, and it can be used to craft legendary weapons, which makes it quite an important item to have or even to know how you could obtain it when you need it. In this article, we’ll cover where you can find Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4!

Screenshot showing Baleful Fragment in Diablo 4

Where to find Baleful Fragment in Diablo 4

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the primary use for Baleful Fragments is to help craft legendary weapons, so you’ll also require them if you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal or weapons or want to make some changes to your class’ aspects. The fact that you’ll need it to make so much of this happen to your class’s aspect that it makes quite an important item to acquire; keep reading as we guide you with where you can find Baleful Fragments down below:

Like a lot of other items that are significant for crafting, Baleful Fragments, too, can be acquired by salvaging legendary weapons, shields, and offhand frills. Salvaging, as usual, can be done at any blacksmith in the game that’s located in a major city/town. Go to a blacksmith NPC and interact with them to see a menu containing the Salvage interface option. Select it, and from there on, choose what armament you’re looking to salvage. Once done, you’ll get Baleful Fragment and a few other items.
Screenshot showing how to get Baleful Fragment in Diablo 4

Another thing to know is that off-hands and weapons with a hammer icon on them will be added to your transmogrification options once they’re salvaged. 

Let’s say that you’ve acquired Baleful Fragments. Here’s further information on its applications- 

Dismantling any legendary weapons in the game would result in you getting certain items that can be used to upgrade and boost the same stuff. You’ll have to follow a loop to make upgrades possible. Here’s a breakdown of the applications of Baleful Fragments-

  • Legendary Aspect Imprinting: If you’ve got a Codex of Power Legendary Aspect, you can use the Occultist NPC to imprint the same on another item. Item slot restriction here, though, would be another factor you’ll need to be looking for. Otherwise, if you apply the aspect perk to an offhand, shield, or weapon, you’ll need those Baleful Fragments! 
  • Legendary Weapon Upgrades: Interacting with a blacksmith would display a menu, in which the last option happens to be the upgrade tool for gear pieces and weapons. This results in an increase in the total power output. As you upgrade and get to higher tiers, you’ll need more Baleful Fragments!

That’s everything there is to know about Baleful Fragments and its applications.

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Last Updated on June 13, 2023

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