Where to Find Alpha Wolf in V Rising

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is the new talk of the town. People are calling it the “Valheim with Vampires”, and it kind of feels quite similar, to be honest.

V Rising is a great Survival game that features Vampires. You start your journey as a weak vampire and through lots of building, hunting, and conquering, you climb your way up to the top level of the hierarchy.

You can choose to explore the massive open-world solo or with your friend in the co-op mode. Pillage villages, raid camps, force your way to the different territories. Do whatever you have to, to grow.

V Rising is one of those indie titles that shows that you do not need a huge budget to make a successful game. Even in its Early Access, the game is doing extremely well so far. It has already around 80k concurrent players, and the count is only increasing every minute.

Now, just like Valheim, this Vampire Survival game has a lot of aspects. But this has something extra. Apart from the usual weapons and armor, V Rising features a bunch of awesome skills, that you can unlock.

This brings us to Alpha Wolf. So what is an Alpha Wolf? Well, the Alpha Wolf is one of the first bosses that you encounter in V Rising. It is a huge wolf, that has its own abilities and can spawn normal wolves. It is nothing like the wolves you see normally in the game.

Alpha Wolf V Rising

Alpha Wolf is extremely strong, and if your level is not high enough, or if you are not packing good weapons. You won’t be able to beat it. Here is how to find Alpha Wolf in V Rising.

Alpha Wolf Location in V Rising

The easiest way to locate the Alpha Wolf is by using the Blood Altar to track down the beat. But for that, you need to unlock the Blood Altar Blueprint first.

To unlock the Bloor Altar, keep completing the normal objectives given to you until you come by the “Get Ready for the Hunt” mission. In this mission you are supposed to:

  • Construct and interact with a Sawmill
  • Construct and interact with a Simple Workbench
  • Increase your Gear Level to 15 by crafting stronger equipment

Complete these 3 objectives, and you will successfully unlock the Bloor Altar Blueprint. Now, Press B to open your Building menu. Click on “Production”, and select the “Dominance” tab. Select Blood Altar, choose a good spot and build it. You need 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence to build a Blood Altar. Interact with the Blood Altar, select Alpha Wolf and click on “Track Blood”.

How to track Alpha Wolf in V Rising

Now just follow the red trail that will keep appearing every 3 seconds. If you follow the trail accurately then you will find the Alpha Wolf in just a few seconds.

Follow the Red Trail to track Alpha Wolf

The Alpha Wolf is quite big. The color of its fur is white with a Black Shade on top. The Alpha Wolf is a yellow bar enemy.

Before you go and fight Alpha Wolf, I would recommend that you craft and equip certain weapons and gear, to make the fight easier. Here is the loadout I used to beat Alpha Wolf:

  • Reinforced Bone Sword
  • Blood Rose Ring
  • Plated Boneguard Chestguard and Leggings
  • Plated Boneguard Gloves and Boots

Equipping these will take your Gear Level to a nice, 20. You will have more survivability and will be able to deal with significantly more damage.

After you manage to beat Alpha Wolf, extract its V Blood. You will unlock the “Wolf Form” Vampire power, which will grant you the ability to turn into a wolf.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out the other V Rising guides on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on June 3, 2022

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