Where to farm Bacon in Fortnite Save The World

There is no doubt that Bacon is the hardest material to farm in the PvE version of Fortnite, Save The World. The overall availability of Bacon in the game is pretty low. There are not many ways that would help you in farming a lot of Bacon. This is the reason why the Guns that use Energy Cells as ammo are often deprived in the game. Energy Cells require Bacon as a crafting material due to which many players are reluctant to use these type of Guns. Due the recent addition of Neon Weapons as a part of the Into The Storm Event in Update V.3.5.0, the hype for Bacon has potentially gone up. A lot of players are looking for best ways to farm Bacon. Here is where to farm bacon in Fortnite Save The World:

Where to farm Bacon in Fortnite Save The World


Here are the best locations to Farm Bacon in Fortnite Save The World:



Kitchens inside the Urban or Suburban houses in Fortnite Save The World are pretty convenient spots to find Bacon. We went forward and tried to farm Bacon from the Kitchens and every time we managed to come out with 8-10 pieces of Bacon from a single mission.


Bathrooms inside the Urban or Suburban houses in Fortnite Save The World are probably known by most of the players as the best way to farm Bacon. But it is not true. Bathrooms do not have a 100% chance to spawn inside the houses. So we can say that double RNG is involved in here.


Graveyards are mainly found at the Suburban locations of the Maps. Graveyards offer pretty interesting and uncommon loot which also includes Bacon. You can also find a good amount of Impulse Grenades, Traps and C4 from the Graveyards. So next time whenever you see a Graveyard, don’t forget to check it for some amazing loot.

Crafting Supplies Expeditions

This method is probably the most underrated and probably the best method to farm Bacon in Fortnite Save The World. For some reason people seem to avoid Expeditions even though they are most convenient way to get good amount of materials in the game. A Medium Crafting Supplies run grants almost 8-12 pieces of Bacon. All you need to do is keep an extra set of heroes and you are good to go. This is our main source of farming Bacon in the game and is lot easier than wandering around the map hoping that you would find some.



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