What is Woven Mail in Destiny 2

Woven Mail Destiny 2 – Bungie’s latest DLC, Lightfall, is out, and players everywhere have jumped right into it. A lot of new things have been introduced in the game. Woven mail is one of those. It is a new passive that players of Destiny 2 can earn when they’re using Strand.

You are going to encounter it when you go through different fragments for your class. It is going to be a bonus that you can get when you use Strand. Woven Mail is an excellent way of protecting yourself while in a battle. However, its working and effects might seem a little difficult to comprehend. So, here is a guide on all you need to know about Woven Mail in Destiny 2.

What does Woven mail do, and what does it help with?

Woven Mail - Destiny 2

As I said, Woven Mail is basically a specific passive that you might earn when you use the Strand subclass. Specifically, you are going to find it when you make use of the Thread of Warding Fragment on your Strand build. Which grants you the Woven Mail buff whenever you pick up an Orb of Power. It will provide you with a mesh around you and will wrap you up in Strand matter. So, when you are in this state, it will reduce all incoming damage, which basically means that this would prove to be the perfect choice if you are opting for the PvE missions. Make note of the fact that Woven Mail might not be as good for the PvP battles. This is because most of the players have become used to landing hits with precision against other Guardians.

The way that you get Woven Mail will depend greatly on the Fragment that you use. You need to pick up Orbs of Power for Thread of Warding. This would mostly appear when a Guardian makes use of their Super. What might also fit into your build is let’s say, other ways would be Collecting Orbs, like to empower your Grenade or your Class ability which is based on your collection of the Orbs of Power, or they may even give you additional changes of Armor.

Woven Mail is for sure of value as a passive in your Strand build. Optimize it during your gameplay in Destiny 2 Nightfall and even beyond the campaign is important. That is all there is to know about what is Woven Mail in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on March 7, 2023

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