What Choices to make at the Water Tower Quest Mission in Dying Light 2

This specific quest gives you two choices that you need to make to continue with the story. Keep in mind that this decision would lead to certain outcomes and endings. And I am sure that you don’t want to miss out on a good ending. So this guide would help you on what choices to make at the Water Tower Quest Mission in Dying Light 2.

Dying light 2 is out now, it’s doing great. We were playing it since the launch day itself, it’s a lot of fun. Whether you are going in solo or with a friend in Coop Mode, you are going to have hours of excitement with this one. With the regular patch updates, the game has become much better. When we say better, we mean to say better performance, faster loading times and very few glitches and technical errors.

Although, if you are still facing any kinds of errors and startup issues, you can address them directly here. Techland’s second edition of Dying Light 2 has already surpassed the popularity of its predecessor, and it shows no signs of stopping at all. So we can guarantee you, if you had liked the original Dying Light game, you would surely love the new Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The Water Tower decisions make a big impact on the rest of the game. Also, beware of the spoilers because it would be hard to explain without stating the reasons for the choices that you make and the outcome for it. The Aitor or the Sophie choice is the first big decision that you will be making in the Dying Light 2 game. You will also find out whether you will help Jack and Joe or give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors.

what choices to make in the water tower mission in dying light 2

Should you help Jack and Joe?

It doesn’t matter from whom you picked up the water mission. It can be from either Aitor or Sophie. But the mission would remain the same anyway. All you need to do is find and disarm the bombs that Jack and Joe have sent. After that, you have to climb the top of the water tower, and you will find them quarrelling with each other.

There you will be faced with two options

  • I will help you
  • I won’t help you

If you decide to help them, then Jack and Joe will leave, and you can try out a side quest later on in the game. But if you do not decide to help them, then you will have to fight with both of them and eliminate them. Please do note that eliminating them will make you lose a side quest as well.

Should you give the Water tower to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors?

Once you made a choice with what to do regarding Jack and Joe, you will be left to decide whether you should give the water tower to the survivors or the Peacekeepers. This choice will also determine the next part of your journey into the story. When you have completed either of the missions, then you will return to your original questline.

These are two outcomes that can happen

  • Choose Peacekeepers – Next Mission will be Into the Dark
  • Choose Survivors – Next Mission will be The Revolution (Story mission)

Apart from the story difference your choice makes, you also make a choice between the type of play style that you would want for the rest of the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Game. If you choose the Survivors, you will get more Parkour bonuses and if you choose the Peacekeepers, you will be entitled to get more combat points.

So this was all about What choices to make at the Water Tower Quest Mission in Dying Light 2.

So this was all about Dying Light 2 guide on “What choices to make at the Water Tower Quest Mission in Dying Light 2”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more guides on Dying Light 2, keep an eye on Frondtech! Happy Gaming!

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Last Updated on February 10, 2022

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