Watch Dogs Legion | Crashing fix Guide for PC

Watch Dogs: Legion is an open world action-adventure game by Ubisoft. It is the third game in the Watch Dogs series, and the direct sequel to Watch Dogs 2. The game is set within an fictionalized version of London, is completely open world, and will feature the ability to control multiple characters that can be recruited across the game’s setting. Legion also features a cooperative multiplayer that will allow up to four players to work together.

The game’s story focuses on a group of hackers called DedSec, based in London. You can explore the entire map, either on foot – utilizing parkour moves – vehicles, or fast-travelling via the city’s Underground stations. You can use lethal and non-lethal fire-arms during fights, or you can choose to go hand-to-hand. The game consists of several missions, including those that progress the main story. Each mission’s objectives can be handled via one or several different approaches:

  • Open-combat approach utilizing a variety of weapons
  • Stealth approach utilizing the environment to avoid detection and monitoring enemy patterns
  • Hacking approach using any hackable object to subdue enemies with traps or distractions, while seeking out objectives via cameras and remotely accessing them.

To be honest, Watch Dogs Legion is not well optimized at all on PC. Yes, players with really high end gaming rigs are not experiencing as many issues. But things are not the same for every player. People with low-medium end hardware are facing crashing issues constantly. If you are one of them, then here are some steps you can follow to fix those issues.

Watch Dogs Legion | Crashing fix Guide for PC

Before you move further into the guide make sure you take a look at the minimum and recommended requirements of Watch Dogs Legion. And also download the drivers optimized for the game. You can check out the system requirements from here. Nvidia users can download the latest drivers from here or via GeForce Experience. AMD users can download the latest drivers from here.

File Verification Method

Every launcher nowadays offers ways to verify the game files of the games, which would repair the corrupted files that might be causing issues. Now the feature works in different ways in different launchers. Here is how to do it on Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) and EGL:

Ubisoft Connect

  1. Launch Ubisoft Connect
  2. Go to “Games”
  3. Click on Watch Dogs: Legion
  4. Select Properties from the left bar
  5. Look under the Local Files section
  6. Select Verify Files

watch dogs legion file verification

Epic Games Launcher

  1. Launch Epic Games Launcher
  2. Go to your Library
  3. Take your mouse pointer on Watch Dogs Legion
  4. Click on the Settings icon beside the Launch icon
  5. Click on Verify
  6. Restart the launcher after the process is completed

Disable programs that could potentially interfere with Connect and EGL

  • Turn off Ubisoft Connect overlay. Go to Ubisoft Connect Settings > General > Uncheck “Enable in-game overlay for supported games”

  • Disable background programs for recording and screen capturing like Nvidia Highlights, Windows Background Recording, Rivatuner, etc.
  • Create an exception in your Antivirus for Uplay/Epic Game Launcher and WatchDogsLegion.exe.

Avoid Overclocking

Use your default clock speeds if you are using an overclocked GPU. An overclocked GPU could cause a lot of issues if it is not being able to draw enough power from the PSU.

Fresh Installation

If things are not working properly then, go ahead and do a fresh installation of Watch Dogs Legion. Yes I know this is not the most convenient step. But trust me, this is the best thing to do in this situation.

Other Fixes

You can also try some of the fixes listed here. The fixes you will find are completely different than the ones listed here. And since both the issues are more or less similar, some steps mind end up working.

If the problem you are facing is a serious one then go here and submit a case to the Ubisoft support. And don’t forget to check out the Ubisoft Forum for Watch Dogs Legion.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other problems with the game then try checking out our other guides on Watch Dogs: Legion. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all folks!

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