Valheim – How to Enable Debug Mode

Valheim Debug Mode – This guide will show you how to enable the debug mode in Valheim

How to Enable Debug Mode in Valheim

What is Debug Mode in Valheim?

Debug modes in games are mainly used by developers to makes changes, that are otherwise not available to normal players. Some games make the debug mode accessible, while others don’t. Valheim does allow normal players to access the Debug Mode though.

Remember, the debug mode is something that you shouldn’t use if you do not have much idea about it. The way you use it, will directly or indirectly affect your game. Yes, there are certain aspects that are there just for fun. But in the end, it is a developer tool after all.

How to enable Debug Mode?

Enabling Debug Mode in Valheim is really easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Launch Valheim
  2. Start your Server and go in-game
  3. Press F5 on your Keyboard
  4. The Command Console will come up
  5. Now type : imacheater
    Valheim - Console
  6. Press Enter, a message will pop up saying, “Cheats:True” in the console
  7. Now type : debugmode
  8. Press Enter

You have now successfully enabled Debug Mode in Valheim.

Here are some commands that you can use

Z Toggle Flying On/Off
B No Placement Cost (You will be able to place buildings with a Hammer for free and craft items without any resources)
K Eliminate all Monsters

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Last Updated on February 18, 2021

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