Valheim – Controls and Key Bindings

Valheim controls and key binds – This guide will show you all the controls, key bindings and shortcuts of Valheim PC.

Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings of Valheim

Here is the list of all the Valheim Keyboard and Mouse controls or shortcuts:

Attack Left Click/Mouse Button 1
Secondary Attack Middle Click/Scroll Wheel Click/Mouse Button 3
Block Right Click/Mouse Button 2
Use E
Forsaken Power F
Hide/Show Weapon R
Jump Spacebar
Run Left Shift
Crouch Left Ctrl
Alternative Placement Left Shift
Forward W
Left A
Right D
Back S
Auto Run Q
Toggle Walk C
Sit X
Open Inventory Tab
Map M
Zoom In .
Zoom Out ,
Deconstruct Middle Click/Scroll Wheel Click/Mouse Button 3
Build Menu Right Click/Mouse Button 2
Previous Build Item Q
Next Build Item E

Valheim Controls and Key bindings

These are all the default PC controls of Valheim.

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Last Updated on February 13, 2021

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