V Rising Controls and Key Bindings

V Rising controls and keybinds – Looking for the controls of the Mouse-Keyboard of V Rising? Here they are.

Once you go through this article, you will have complete knowledge about the different keyboard controls and key bindings that you require to play V Rising. It is very important to know all the exact controls, or you would find yourself licking the floor, quite often

All the controls and keybindings given below are set by default and have not been changed in any way.

V Rising Controls and Key Bindings

Movement Controls

  • Move Up: W
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Down: S
  • Move Right: D
  • Auto Run: Mouse 4

V Rising Movement Controls

Skills & Attacks Controls

  • Primary: Left Mouse Click
  • Weapon Skill 1: Q
  • Weapon Skill 2: E
  • Travel Skill: Spacebar
  • Spell Slot 1: R
  • Spell Slot 2: C
  • Ultimate: T
  • Jump from Cliffs: Shift
  • Action Wheel: Ctrl
  • Vampire Power Modifier Key: Shift
  • Vampire Power 1: 1
  • Vampire Power 2: 2
  • Vampire Power 3: 3
  • Vampire Power 4: 4

V Rising Skills & Attacks Controls

General Controls

  • Interact & Pick up: F
  • Interrupt Ability Cast: X / Mouse 3
  • Drop Item from Inventory: Space
  • Split Item from Inventory: Mouse Scroll Wheel Click
  • Repair Item in Inventory: Mouse Scroll Wheel Click
  • Globat Chat: Enter
  • Emote Wheel: Left Alt
  • Push To Talk: Mouse Scroll Wheel Click

V Rising General Controls

Camera Controls

  • Rotate Camera: Mouse Right Click

Panels Controls

  • Character Panel: Tab
  • Build Panel: B
  • Map Panel: M
  • Clan Panel: P
  • Vampire Powers Panel: J
  • V Blood: O

V Rising Panels Controls

Action Bar Controls

  • Action Bar 1: 1
  • Action Bar 2: 2
  • Action Bar 3: 3
  • Action Bar 4: 4
  • Action Bar 5: 5
  • Action Bar 6: 6
  • Action Bar 7: 7
  • Action Bar 8: 8
  • Action Bar 9: 8

V Rising Action Bar Controls

Building Controls

  • Place Structure: Mouse Left Click
  • Dismantle Structure: Spacebar
  • Repair Structure: R
  • Rotate Structure Left: Q
  • Rotate Structure Right: E
  • Cancel Current Placement: Spacebar
  • Deselect Current Placement: Spacebar / Esc

V Rising Action Building Controls

These are all the Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of V Rising.

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Last Updated on May 19, 2022

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