Top Side Missions with the Best Rewards in Dying Light 2

Since rewards and loots are one of the primary ways of earning in-game money, we bought you the top 3 side missions that you can do to get the best rewards in Dying Light 2.

It almost two weeks now since Dying Light 2 has been released. And we are very excited to play it from the launch day itself. Steam reported a total of 150K players waiting to play Dying Light 2 on the release date, which made the Dying Light 2 one of the biggest launches this year.

This game is a follow-up to the original 2015 Dying Light game, developed by Techland. This is a unique Zombie game unlike any games we have seen before. It is set in the European city of Villedor and you have to play as Aiden Caldwell, a pilgrim. The game is best known for its smooth parkour movements along with a combination of slides and jumps from one point to another.

As the whole city of Villedor is overrun by the zombies, much like its prequel, you would have to fight and dodge all the bandits and the undead to complete the mission objectives. The game feels more like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and World War Z fused.

Best Missions with The Highest Rewards in Dying Light 2

There is a basket full of side missions to do in Dying Light 2 but not all of them are worth completing when it comes to rewards. So in this article, we will list down the top 3 side missions with the best rewards in Dying Light 2.

The First Biomarker Mission

Rewards – A Confidential Notice to GRE Personal & an Inhibitor

the first biomarker mission

The first on our top 3 best rewarding side mission comes “the First Biomarker” mission. This is a short mission, but it’s well worth it. This is what you have to do.

  1. You have to go and talk to a survivor named McGregor in the Trading Post Settlement in Trinity
  2. After learning from him that he was the one who came up with Biomarker’s design, you will be tasked with finding and bringing the original model for him
  3. Head to Saint Joseph’s hospital and retrieve the Biomarker from the safe and bring it to McGregor
  4. Once you complete the mission, you will get an inhibitor as a reward from him

Also note, there are a total number of 126 inhibitors in the game. Some of them are hidden and locked behind a safe. So make sure you don’t miss a chance to get an Inhibitor for yourself whenever possible.

Space Cock Mission

Rewards – Pan of Destiny Blueprint, 2500 Parkour Points, 2500 Combat Points

space cock in dying light 2

The second on our top 3 best rewarding side mission comes “the Space Cock” mission. This is a short hidden side mission that won’t show up on your map. So this is what you have to do.

  • As mentioned, this mission will not be shown up on the map with an exclamation mark, as it is a hidden side mission. So you have to find a Space Rooster named Brunek on the Colonel’s Island.
  • You will learn from the Space Rooster that he is an alien and wants to find a specific part for his spaceship so that he can travel back to his planet.
  • Go to the wetlands area and look for the missing part and bring it back to Brunek. You can find the missing part either on the land or underwater.
  • Once you give it to Brunek, he disappears and leaves behind the Pan of Destiny blueprint along with 2500 Parkour Points and 2500 Combat Points

Save Aitor Mission

Rewards – 1000 Old World Cash,  Rage Booster Blueprint, 1500 Combat XP, 1500 Parkour XP

save aitor in dying light 2 side mission

The third on our top 3 best rewarding side mission comes “Aitor” mission. This is a side mission that will be available after you have completed the Welcome on Board main mission. So this is what you have to do.

  1. When visiting the Peacekeeper’s headquarters, you will come to know that Aitor is alive and badly injured. So, in order to save him, the doctor will give you the task to find a healer named Margaret in the settlement on Culvert Island.
  2. Collect the small petals from the Recluse flower, which you can only collect at night in the chemical areas.
  3. Once you find and collect all the petals, you can choose what to do with Aitor.
  4. You can either save Aitor or you can blame Margaret for the death of Aitor which will necessarily impact your story ending. So pick wisely.
  5. After you deliver the petals, your side quest is completed, and you will receive a Rage roster blueprint as reward, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

So this concludes our article on the Top Side missions with the best Rewards in Dying Light 2.

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Last Updated on February 15, 2022

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