Top Big or AAA Games coming in 2018

We cannot lie about the fact that we all get excited when it comes to new game releases. Since 2017 was not a great year for gaming, we had a lot of expectations from 2018. The good news is 2018 is truly going to be an excellent year for gaming as there are a number of awesome games that are going to release this year. Here is a list of the Top Big or AAA games coming in 2018 :

Top 10 Big or AAA Games coming in 2018


  • Darksiders 3

One of the best elements of the Darksiders series is the interpretation and implementation of iconic theological characters, themes, and events, and we are pretty sure that Darksiders 3 is definitely going to live up to our expectations and offer everything that we demand in a good title.

  • Biomutant

You get to play as a mutant who knows martial arts, shooting, magic. Do we need to give you more reasons to get excited about this game? We are personally excited about Biomutant because we love games that are pleasing to the eye. The world design in this game is a treat to watch.

  • Code Vein

What happens when you merge Legacy of Kain and Devil May Cry with Dark Souls? You get Code Vein. From the gameplay trailer of Code Vein we realized how fun this game going to be for players who love to play hardcore games. The combat looked great to be honest. The gameplay looked a bit more fluid than Dark Souls but not as fluid as Bloodborne. Whatever it is, we are excited.

  • The Crew 2

Now we all know how badly the The Crew failed. The infamous racing title from Ubisoft that was suppose to compete with titles like Grid and Need For Speed had a lot of shortcomings that we hope are going to get fixed with The Crew 2. The trailer looked good, as they always do. Let us hope that Ubisoft keeps all of their promises that they made regarding The Crew 2 because if this one fails as well then most probably we won’t be seeing a third installment on the Crew series.

  • Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has to be one of the most anticipated titles of 2018, if not the most. People are always excited when it comes to Far Cry games. The reasons being the experience, the thrills and chills and the highly immersive gameplay that the Far Cry games have offered in the past. We can say that Ubisoft is alive because of the Far Cry series and the Assassin’s Creed series. We know this is a very strong statement but it is true. Every time we finish a Far Cry game, it leaves us wanting for more. We couldn’t get enough of that open world experience and brilliantly placed side quests. The expectations that are building inside us for Far Cry 5 could not be explained. We can only wait and expect what Ubisoft has in store for us.


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