Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Class Guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a first-person shooter game that features the classic borderlands feel but with a fresh new spin to it. Packed with action and RPG Elements, Wonderlands is a fantasy prequel to the already famous title Borderlands while being a sequel to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, which was a Borderlands 2 Expansion released back in 2013.

The world in Wonderlands is open-word and is quite huge. The locations are colourful and are filled with massive, majestic monuments. A couple of new features have made their way to Wonderlands, which will include a character creator, an RPG Styled Skill Tree, and a lot more.

The Brr-Zerker is a character class that deals in Cryo Damage. The axe which you carry around on your back also has specific ice picks with which you can deal powerful brutal melee attacks. The Brr-Zerkers are warriors who hail from the frozen lands, and they have a history of ancestors who trained themselves to withstand the chilly winters. This character class features frost infused bruisers who complement the firepower with deadly melee attacks. They usually take the front lines when battling to become the ultimate Fatemaker!

So this is a quick character guide for the Brr-Zerker Class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

brr-zerker guide in tiny tinas wonderlands

Brr-Zerker Class Guide

The Brr-Zerker Class are experts in dealing with Cryo and Melee Damage. Their powers are combined out of their acting skills and weaponry skills with which they will freeze and shatter enemies. This character class is also capable of leeching life out of their fallen foes.

Brr-Zerker Action Skills

The Brr-Zerker a.k.a. Brrzeker a.k.a. Berzerker class features two action skills.

  • Feral Surge
  • Dreadwind

Each Fatemaker has its own set of Action Skills, so these two Action skills are exclusive to this class only. You will be able to use it once you select the Brr-Zerker as your primary class either at the start of the game or when you can choose a secondary class or the Multi-class.

Feral Surge

The Feral Surge attack makes you jump or leap towards the enemies while dealing great damage when you slam the enemy with your axe. This attack deals with Cryo damage and on the impact, it releases Cryo Nova. This is a very nice skill to immediately deal frost damage to your opponent. As the Brr-Zerker Class mostly fights up close with the enemies, using this skill will also slow down or completely freeze the enemies while having a window of opportunity to finish everyone off with a shotgun. If you kill an enemy with Feral Surge, the cooldown is reset.


The Dreadwind is a Spin to Win type of attack where the Fatemaker will be using its mighty ice axe and start spinning it around. It spins and slashes anything in its proximity. The camera goes into a third-person mode during the attack. You will have a bit of control over the movement when using this attack. This attack also deals frost damage to your opponents when hit by your axe while slowing down the movement as the ground underneath will also freeze.

Multi-Class Feat

After a certain point of the game, you will get access to Class Feats when you are multiclassing. Multi-Classing is adding the other available classes to your very own character. This gives you access to that certain Class’s Action skills, features and skill trees. This means that you will be a having a total of 4 Action Skills with 2 Class Feats and 2 Skill Trees.

For the Brr-Zerker, when you use an active skill, it causes the Fatemaker to become Enraged while dealing bonus Cryo damage to its opponents. Even when the Active skill is active the enrage duration will not deplete and will only end if the fate maker enters the Save your soul. If you activate an action skill when already on Enraged it restores a certain portion of the enraged timer.

So this was a quick Brr-Zerker Character Class Guide in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands game. You can also utilize the Brr-Zerker’s Skill Tree to upgrade your Melee and Frost Damage.

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Last Updated on March 23, 2022

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