The Outer Worlds – Where to find more ammo

Wondering where can you find more ammo in The Outer Worlds? Don’t worry we got you.

The Outer Worlds – Where to find more ammo

How to get more ammo

We all have to agree that the weapons are one of the most important aspects of The Outer Worlds. And you need ammo to keep your weapons going. One thing you have to remember that ammo in The Outer Worlds is not unlimited and you need to find more if you want to shoot more. Here are all the ways of getting more ammo in The Outer Worlds.

The best way to get ammo is obviously by looting. It is recommended that you check every container you come by and also the corpses of your enemies. This is the most straightforward way of obtaining ammo in The Outer Worlds.

Another way of getting more ammo in the game is by purchasing from Vendors that you find in different settlements with Bits. There are also plenty of Vending machines scattered throughout the map that give you ammo.

Try to unlock the A Few Bits More Perk from your Perks menu. This will cause the Vendors and Vending Machines to stock more ammo. And the more they stock the more you can buy. Let us take a look at the perk.

A FEW BITS MORE – Vendors and Vending Machines have additional ammo and consumables available. This affect will happen the next time a Vendor or Vending Machines restocks.

+100% Additional Ammo stock on Vendors

+100% Additional Consumable stock on Vendors

If you are wondering how much ammo you can carry at one time, then let me tell you that bullets do not affect your carrying capacity as they have no weight. So, you can pretty much carry as much as you like.

And that is how you find more ammo in The Outer Worlds.

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Last Updated on October 24, 2019

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