The Outer Worlds – All Attributes Guide

The Outer Worlds is a RPG title which is played in first-person perspective. Players start by creating their own character and unlock a ship that become the central hub space of the game. It is basically a fast travel point to access different areas in the game and there is no way to control it.

One of the key aspects of The Outer Worlds are the player attributes in the game. Applying attributes allows you to strengthen your character and you also get certain skills that are exclusive to certain attributes. Here is a list of all the Attributes that are you can find in the game.

The Outer Worlds – All Attributes Guide


AttributeDescriptionAffected Skills
StrengthAffects your melee weapon damage and increases the amount you can carry1-handed melee, 2-handed melee, Heavy weapons, Intimidate, Inspiration, Block
DexterityIncreases melee attack speed and also increases the reload speed of ranged weapons.1-handed Melee, Handguns, Block, Sneak, Lockpick, Dodge.


AttributeDescriptionAffected Skills
IntelligenceBoosts critical hit damagePersuade, Hack, Medical, Science, Determination, Long guns
PerceptionGrants bonuses to headshot and weak spot damage.Handguns, Long Guns, Heavy weapons, Dodge, Lockpick, Engineering


AttributeDescriptionAffected Skills
CharmAffects faction reputation and companion ability cooldownsPersuade, Lie, Intimidate, Hack, Science, Inspiration
TemperamentImproves your natural health regeneration2-Handed melee, Lie, Sneak, Medical, Engineering, Determination

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