The Division 2 Recalibration Guide – How To Change Stat/Talent (Perks) Of Weapons And Gear

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 offers a wide variety of features that players can truly enjoy. It truly offers a proper open world experience. The amount of features this game offers is more than what fans of looter and shooter titles could ask for. From crafting to changing your appearance to customizing your weapons with bright weapon skins. The Division 2 has it all.

There is another interesting feature that players will get to see in The Division 2. That feature is Recalibration. What Recalibration does is it allows you to change the stats, talents or perks of weapons and gear of your choice.

Many a times you might end up getting a High-end weapon or gear with average stats, talents or perks and a Superior weapon or gear with excellent stats, talents or perks. Does that mean all hope is lost. Absolutely not. This is where Recalibration comes into work. The way Reclibration works might confuse some players but you need not to worry as we have got everything covered in this Recalibration Guide. Here is how to Recalibrate or change stats, talents or perks of weapons and gear in The Division 2:

The Division 2 Recalibration Guide – How To Change Stat/Talent (Perks) Of Weapons And Gear

How To Change Stat/Talent (Perks) Of Weapons And Gear Steps

Step 1

  • Visit the Recalibration Station and interact with it. The Recalibration Station can be found inside the Base Of Operations or the White House

Step 2

  • Once accessed a list of weapons and gear that are available with you will show up that can be recalibrated

Step 3

  • Choose the weapon or gear whose stat, talent or perk who want to change or recalibrate

Step 4

  • Now it is time to choose the stat, talent or perk of that weapon or gear that you want to change or recalibrate [Note : You can only change one stat/talent at a time]

Step 6

  • After choosing the talent a new list will pop up that will show the available weapons or gear with the similar stat, talent or perk. Pick the one that will benefit you the most.

Step 7

  • Now all that is left to do is ‘destroy and transfer stat/talent’. Just the hold the key that you have assigned for this function. Default is the F key

Step 8

  • A deconstruction will take place and you will end up transferring the stat, talent or perk to the original weapon or gear.

You are good to go!




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That’s all folks!


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