The Division 2 Performance Issues – Lag, Crashes And FPS Drops After Update v1.05 – How To Fix

The first major update for The Division 2 is finally here and it has brought an enormous wave of content with it. As soon as you start the game and drop inside the world, the first thing you would notice is that the game looks different. It looks more clear and detailed. The unusual sharpness is gone and everything looks pretty awesome.

The new update has brought some performance issues as well. The game has started to lag for a large number of players. People have started witnessing frequent fps drops, crashes and stuttering.

So it looks like we are back to the launch day of The Division 2 where players were facing the exact same issues. Therefore, we decided to put up another guide to fix some of the issues players are having after the recent patch, update v1.05. Here is how to fix lag, crashes and fps drops in The Division 2 after the update v1.05:

[Note : These are just temporary solutions and might not work for everyone]

The Division 2 Performance Issues – Lag, Crashes And FPS Drops After Update v1.05 – How To Fix

How to fix lag and fps drops after update v1.05 in The Division 2

Looks like the new update has given The Division 2 a visual overhaul. The world looks more clear now instead of sharp. Which means the game has become more graphically intensive now. Here is a screenshot of The Division 2 running at medium settings after the update v1.05:

So as you can see even at medium settings the game looks highly detailed. The settings we had recommended earlier on our The Division 2 lag fix guide, barely managed to keep this game running at 30-40 fps. The lag was quite prominent and the fps drops were frequent. The other methods mentioned in the guide did help a bit, but it wasn’t enough. So we decided to tweak the in-game settings again and find out the best graphics settings for The Division 2 after the recent v1.05 patch, keeping a balance between visuals and performance. We tested the new graphics settings on our entry level PC consisting of a Nvidia GTX 1050 ti, Intel i3 8100 and 8gb of ram and we managed to get constant 40-50 fps with occasional drops to 35.

Here are the best graphics or video settings for The Division 2 after the update v1.05:

Go to Settings>Video

  1. Set Enable Reduced Latency to No
  2. Set Enable DX12 Renderer to No

Go to Settings>Graphics

  1. V-Sync Mode : Off
  2. Frame Rate Limit : Off
  3. Shadow Quality : Medium
  4. Spot Shadows : Medium
  5. Spot Shadow Resolution : Medium
  6. Contact Shadows : Sun Low
  7. Resolution Scale : 100%
  8. Sharpening : 08
  9. Particle Detail : Medium
  10. Volumetric Fog : Medium
  11. Reflection Quality : Medium
  12. Local reflection Quality : Medium
  13. Vegetation Quality : Medium
  14. Sub-surface Scattering : On
  15. Anisotropic Filtering : 8x
  16. Parallax Mapping : Yes
  17. Ambient Occlusion : Medium
  18. Depth Of Field : On
  19. Object Detail : 40
  20. Extra Streaming Distance : 04
  21. Neutral Lighting : Off
  22. Lens Flare : On
  23. Water Quality : High
  24. Chromatic Aberration : On
  25. Projected Texture Resolution : 256
  26. High Resolution Sky Textures : Yes
  27. Terrain Quality : Medium

Here are our benchmark results for The Division 2 running on GTX 1050ti and i3 8100:

How to fix crashing after update v1.05 in The Division 2 Method #1

Try the methods mentioned in our The Division 2 crashing and freezing guide. The methods may or may not work for everyone because after this recent patch the reasons for all the crashes and freezing might have changed.

How to fix crashing after update v1.05 in The Division 2 Method #2

Check whether any overclocking utility is running in the background or not. Close any overclocking application you are using. A lot of people including us have personally tested this and we can almost guarantee that some overclocking utilities are causing The Division 2 to crash.

We were trying to get some extra performance out of our Nvidia GTX 1050 ti by overclocking it with the help of MSI Afterburner. Forget extra performance, the game started crashing every 10-20 mins which made it very clear that MSI Afterburner was causing the crashes as everything went back to normal as soon as we switched to normal clock speeds and terminated the application.

As of now we have managed to come up with the above mentioned solutions only. There has been no word from Ubisoft yet, but we trying to reach to the developers via various posts over the forums and as soon as we find a new solution we will update this guide. So keep an eye.





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