The Division 2 Hunter Guide – Hunter Location – How To Defeat A Hunter

The endgame of The Division 2 offers a lot of exciting features. It offers a lot of treats to those players who are up for some challenges. From raids to insanely difficult enemies, ask for it and The Division 2 has it.

One of the most exciting and thrilling end game activities has to be coming face to face with a Hunter. A Hunter in The Division 2 will test every bit of the might of players and will put them through one hell of rollercoaster ride.

The Division 2 Hunter Guide – Hunter Location – How To Defeat A Hunter

What is a Hunter?

In The Division 2, a Hunter is an elite enemy who was added in The Division pretty late in the game’s life cycle. Hunters are incredibly difficult to kill as they are The Division 2’s AI version of ‘players’.

A Hunter will do anything and everything to put you down. They are ruthless as well as extremely powerful. The are not just some dumb AI like a lot of games tend to feature. They use their own gadgets, they will heal up if they are low and they are not afraid to push towards you when your health is low or you are healing.

Hunter Location – Where to find a Hunter?

You can find the Hunter or make the Hunter spawn by shooting a hanging light bulb or a lantern located at the East of the Jefferson Memorial Mission. Just go to that location and shoot the light. You will see a cloud of smoke and the Hunter will spawn. Here is a detailed guide on how to find the Hunter in The Division.

How to kill the Hunter?

Killing a Hunter can be really tough since he will be at level 35 when he spawns. Even level 30 players would have to go through a great deal of difficulties in order to beat the Hunter. The Hunter is super tanky and will heal constantly if he is low on health. So we would recommend reaching end game first and acquiring your Specialist ability then go fight the Hunter. The Crossbow can be very useful here.

Make sure you are fully geared up and have enough armor kits. We would also recommend to go for Armor repairing skills because once he uses his EMP, most your offensive skills would be useless. Try not to do this solo. Go with a squad for the best experience.

The best way to kill a Hunter is by getting his armor low first then hitting him with your most hard hitting weapon, like a Crossbow.

Hunter Rewards – What do Hunters drop?

  • Ivory Keys
  • Cosmetic Masks





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Last Updated on March 17, 2019

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