The Division 2 – How To Kick Or Remove A Player From Group Or Squad

Being a PvE title, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 gives you the liberty of enjoying the game with your friends. Multiplayer games are a major platform for socializing nowadays where you can chill with people from all over the world and have some quality time.

But the experience is not pleasant all the time. Now, you may not have 3 of your friends present to squad up with you. You might just have 1 or 2 of them present at times. What do you do then? You obviously fill up your squad with a random player.

We cannot deny the fact that in online games, experience with random players is not always the best. Things often go wrong due to clash of opinions and then situations get bitter. Fortunately, The Division 2 gives you the option of kicking a player from your squad or group if you do not like the behavior of that player. Here is how to kick somebody from your group or squad in The Division 2:

How to kick somebody from your group in The Division 2

Step #1

  • Press ‘Esc‘ on your keyboard to access the Menu

Step #2

  • Click on ‘Social

Step #3

  • Now select the player you want to kick or remove from your group

  • If you have clicked on the name of the player once then click on it once again. This will make the player options for that player available. Some players make the mistake of clicking just once on the player’s name but you have to click twice otherwise the players options will stay greyed out

  • Now just click on ‘Vote to Remove‘. A voting will take place which will show up on the screens of every player present in the group except for the player who is being kicked or removed. If majority of the votes are against the player then he will be removed from the group.

You are good to go! Now you can enjoy your game without the toxicity.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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