The Division 2 Combat Guide – Aerial Recon Drone – How To Kill

The world of The Division 2 is filled with content. You may never know what you might discover next. There is an element of surprise in every step. And the surprises get even more exciting once you reach the endgame and unlock the World Tiers.

As soon you enter World Tier 1 you will unlock a new enemy faction known as the Black Tusks. And a new faction means new types of enemies. You will get to see a whole lot of drones while fighting the Black Tusks but none of them are as powerful as the Aerial Recon. An Aerial Recon is a Black Tusk drone that is very hard to kill or neutralize. If you are not careful enough then your whole squad might end up getting eliminated in no time. Here are some tips on how to kill or neutralize an Aerial Recon drone:

The Division 2 Combat Guide – Aerial Recon Drone – How To Kill

What is an Aerial Recon?

An Aerial Recon is an aerial drone that can be seen patrolling areas in The Division 2. It belongs to the Black Tusk faction and can be found in areas invaded by the Black Tusks. Aerial Recon drones are like mini bosses with yellow health bars and are extremely tanky. They are pretty rare to find and very hard to kill but if you manage to kill one then you will get a golden drop or even an exotic drop if you are lucky. Aerial Recons shoot bullets at a very high fire rate and they also shoot missiles with high AoE damage every now and then.

How to kill the Aerial Recon aerial drone in The Division 2

Tip #1

Equip the best weapons and gear you have in your inventory

You need to deal a lot of damage to the Aerial Recon drone in order to take it down or kill it. An Aerial Recon has some really strong armor so not every weapon would be able to defeat it. So choose weapons with the highest dps from your inventory.

Tip #2

Group of atleast two players

Make sure there is atleast one more player in your group. You can go ahead and try to takedown an Aerial Recon all by yourself but it will take some good amount of time because Aerial Recons are one of the strongest yellow bar enemies in the game. And having another player in your group means you can get revived if you go down. In solo if you go down or die you will have to respawn in a safehouse or a control point and that location could end being very far from the fight zone. By the time you reach the fight zone the drone could be long gone.

Tip #3

Equip gear with bonus armor and health perks

If you are fighting an Aerial Recon you will need a lot of health and armor to survive unless you manage to get hit very less times. Try to equip vests, gloves, holsters, etc, that have perks like bonus armor and bonus health. Most of the perks in The Division 2 won’t be of much use in front of an Aerial Recon drone. So the bonus health and armor perks are the best perks you can have during your fight with an Aerial Recon.

Tip #4

Clear nearby areas

While fighting an Aerial Drone if other enemies start shooting you from the back then you will be in trouble. Getting shot in the back means you would have to move from your cover and you might end up getting eliminated in the process. So make sure to kill all the enemies nearby to have a 1on1 fight with the Aerial Recon.

Tip #5

Avoid weapons like snipers and shotguns

In a fight with an Aerial Recon drone, try to avoid shotguns and marksman rifles. You would have to deal as much damage as you can within a very shot time span. So you need fast firing weapons like Assault Rifles, Rifles, LMGs or SMGs. Marksman Rifles are undoubtedly the best when you are taking fights from some range but in case of an Aerial Recon, no matter how much you run, it will try to come to your face. Shotguns are not in a good position in The Division 2 right now. They are pretty inaccurate even at low-medium range and missing your shots is not recommended while battling with an Aerial Recon.

Tip #6

Keep changing cover

Do not take cover in a single area for too long. Aerial Recons shoot missiles that have very high AoE damage. The missiles are powerful enough to one-shot you. And if you sit in one single cover for too long then you are bound to get hit by the missiles. The fight would be over before it starts.

Tip #7

Healing drone

The Healing drone skill would be very useful in this situation. As the Aerial Recon deals very high damage, you might end up losing your health very quickly. The Armor kits take some good amount of seconds when being applied so the Healing drone would really come in handy for some quick healing. You can also send the drone towards your friend if you find that he is at very low health and about to die.

Hope these small tips would help you in your fight with the Aerial Recon. Good luck Agents!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on November 28, 2020

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