Temtem – Server Status – Are the Servers down?

Temtem server status – Wondering if the Temtem servers are down at the moment or not? Don’t worry we got you.

Temtem – Server Status – Are the Servers down?

Temtem launched on Steam just a while ago. But it wasn’t a full launch as the game is still in its Early Access. If you don’t know what Early Access actually means, then let me tell you. It means that the game will continue to develop as the players continue to play. Early Access games see more dynamic changes than the “fully released” titles.

Early Access games have both good and bad aspects. The good aspects being the developers being in constant touch with the player base and bringing changes in accordance with the preferences of the player base. The bad thing is players often have to experience various bugs, glitches, performance issues, etc.

One of the biggest problems that players often face in these Early Access games is fluctuation in the servers. The servers keep going down very often and there is not much you can do about it. The same is the case with Temtem. Since the release of the game, the servers have gone down in various instances. But it is not the fault of the developers because the servers constantly need maintenance.

Are the Temtem servers down?

Even though there is no specific website or application to know the server status of Temtem, there is a very easy way to know whether the servers are down or up.

All you have to do is just head over to the Twitter page of Temtem and you will know what is going on. The developers are constantly posting the status or state of the game there. Here is the link of the Temtem Twitter page – PlayTemtem.

The best thing you can do is turn on notifications for PlayTemtem on your Twitter application on your phone.

  • Just go to the Twitter page
  • Click on the Bell icon
  • Set Account notifications to “All tweets”. And you are good to go!

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Last Updated on September 7, 2022

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    1. This is pretty common in Early Access games actually. And considering the fact that the game just launched few days ago. It will take some time for things to settle down.

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