Temtem – Saipark Location

Temtem Saipark Location – Wondering how to get to Saipark in Temtem? Don’t worry we got you.

Temtem – Saipark Location

What is Saipark

The Saipark is one of the latest additions in Temtem that arrived with the Update 0.5.12. The Saipark is a new end-game area and the first natural reserve in the whole Archipelago. Every week, the Saipark will feature two different species of Temtem for players to catch. These species will present special features like having more chances of being Luma, presenting egg moves or even having guaranteed minimum SVs.

But you won’t be able to catch the Temtems at Saipark with normal Temcards. Instead, players will need to buy a special Temcard type called Saicards. Saicards only work inside the premises of the Saipark and they will expire at the end of the week.

So how to get Saicards? In order to get obtain Saicards, players will need to pay an initial fee to enter the park and get a pack of Saicards. Players will also be able to buy more Saicards during the week, but the fee will be more and more expensive each time.

Where to find Saipark

The Saipark can be accessed in Deniz, from the Prasine Coast. But you need to obtain the Rock-hopping Hook first otherwise you won’t be able to reach Saipark. Here is the exact location of Saipark:

Just reach the location, use the hook and you will immediately arrive at Saipark.

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Last Updated on February 17, 2020

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