Stronghold Warlords – All Hotkeys and Controls

This guide will show you all the useful hotkeys and controls in Stronghold Warlords PC.

Stronghold Warlords – All Hotkeys

Pause Pause|Break or P
Show Menu Esc
Scroll Map WASD or arrow keys or move mouse to edge of the screen
Select Left Mouse Button
Order Right Mouse Button
Zoom Alt+W / Alt+S or mouse wheel
Rotate Q/E or hold mouse wheel
Rotate Buildings Shift+Q / Shift+E or mouse wheel
Place Stone Curtain Wall Z
Place Stone Wall X
Delete Delete
Repair Insert
Open Warlords Map Space Bar
Top Down View Alt+Space Bar
Toggle Interface On/Off Backspace
Increase Game Speed + key or Numpad + key
Decrease Game Speed – key or Numpad – key
Select Lord
(double tap to focus)
Cycle Focus on All Lords Shift+L
Greatest Lord Tab
Toggle Chat Shift+Enter
Toggle Team Chat Enter
Create Camera Hotspot Ctrl+Alt+# (1-9 keys)
View Camera Hotspot Alt+# (1-9 keys)
Select Granary
(double tap to focus)
Select Stockpile
(double tap to focus)
Select Armoury
(double tap to focus)
Select Market
(double tap to focus)
Select Keep
(double tap to focus)
Select Last Place Siege Camp
(double tap to focus)
Select Barracks
(double tap to focus)
Select Military Academy
(double tap to focus)
Attack Move Ctrl+Right Mouse Button
Attack Ground Alt+Right Mouse Button
Cycle Stance R
Cycle Formation F
Pack/Unpack Trebuchet T
Patrol I (Right Mouse Button to set patrol point)
Place Rally Point (Barracks/Military/Academy/Siege Camp) Right Mouse Button on unit icon + Right Mouse Button on ground
Select Unit Group
(double tap to focus)
# (1-9 keys)
Create Unit Group Ctrl+#
Add Selected Units to Group Shift+#
Add Units to Current Selection Shift+Left Mouse Button
Remove Units from Current Selection Ctrl+Left Mouse Button
Select All of Unit Type (UI panel) Left Mouse Button
Remove All of Unit Type (UI panel) Right Mouse Button
Focus on Warning C or Ctrl+Space Bar

stronghold warlords hotkeys

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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

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