Star Wars Squadrons – Download Stuck – How to fix

Star Wars Squadrons download stuck – Stuck while downloading Star Wars Squadrons on various launchers? Don’t worry we got you.

Star Wars Squadrons – Download Stuck – How to fix

Star Wars Squadrons finally became available for download across all the platforms. It was one of the most anticipated titles of 2020 and now that it is here, players can thoroughly enjoy it.

It is now a known fact that new releases these days, don’t come without bugs and glitches onboard. I don’t think there has been a perfect AAA title launch this year so far. Same is the case with Stars Wars Squadrons. Apparently a lot of people who purchased Star Wars Squadrons on PC, are facing an issue where the downloading of the game is getting stuck after a certain point. The bug is more prominent for Origin users it seems. It is basically a bug where the download gets stuck at 98%. So is there a way to fix this?

How to fix this issue

Though the bug sounds pretty complex but the fix for it very simple. A lot of users are restarting the download without knowing about the fix. Do not do that! Here is how to fix it:

  1. Just go to your Game Library
  2. Right click on Star Wars Squadrons
  3. Click on Pause download
  4. Then click on Resume download

And that is all you have you to do. Just wait few seconds and your download with start again with full download speed.

The case is slightly different for Steam users though. You might think that this is some sort of a bug or glitch. Well, the truth is this is neither a bug nor a glitch. If you go and look at the download folder of Steam you will notice that there is nothing over there. Steam will actually download the installer file first. And once the downloading is completed the unpacking will take place.

When Steam is showing that Star Wars Squadrons is still being downloaded, that is not what actually is happening. It is unpacking the game instead.

The download size of Star Wars Squadrons is around 32 GB on PC. So all you have to do is wait for a while. The process is really fast on a SSD but HDD users would have to be a bit patient.

If you check out the Steam discussions page of Star Wars Squadrons on Steam. You will get a good idea about the situation.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other problems with the game then try checking out our other guides on Star Wars Squadrons. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 1, 2020

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