Star War Squadrons – Game won’t launch – Failed to start – How to fix

Star War Squadrons won’t launch – It looks like a lot of people are having trouble in trying to get Star Wars Squadrons to launch or start. Here are some ways to fix the issue.

Star War Squadrons – Game won’t launch – Failed to start – How to fix

Star Wars Squadrons is finally here and players are enjoying the game thoroughly. And you can easily tell that by looking at the positive reviews on Steam.

But as we all know, games these days don’t come without bugs and glitches. Same is the case with SW Squadrons. A lot of players have been complaining lately, that they are being unable to launch the game via Origin or Steam. And this problem has nothing to do with their PC hardware. Not many people who bought the game on Epic Games Launcher, are facing this issue though. That is why we decided to put all the fixes recommended by the community of Squadrons in one place, so that players don’t have to check multiple sources for them.

How to fix this issue

Anti-virus Software issues

Compatibility issue with some Antivirus Softwares: In some cases, the game’s save data may be getting silently quarantined by some antivirus software, resulting in the game to crash to desktop before it can launch. The developers are working to resolve this; in the meantime, you may need to disable Real-Time Scanning function or Real-Time Protection function of your Anti-virus to play.

If you are using Windows Defender instead of a third-party AV software then here is how to add Star Wars Squadrons on the exceptions list of Windows Defender:

  • Go to Windows 10 settings
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Select Windows Security from the left sidebar
  • Click on Virus & threat protection
  • Under Virus & threat protection click on Manage settings
  • Under Exclusions click on Add or remove exclusions
  • Click on Add an exclusion
  • Select File
  • Select the .exe or executable file of Star Wars Squadrons which in this case should be starwarsquadrons.exe
  • Restart your PC

Windows 10 64-bit is mandatory for Star Wars Squadrons

The PC version of Star Wars Squadrons does not support any other OS other than Windows 10, that too the 64-bit version. So if you have a different OS installed then you are out of luck here. Neither this game will run on Windows 7, nor will it run on Windows 8.1 or Linux. I know this is not really a fix, but this is something everyone should know.

Install the latest Visual Studio

Also please try downloading and installing the latest version of Visual C++ redistributable, as there’s a chance it hasn’t been installed correctly.

Steam Input

A lot of people have managed to fix this issue by just turning off the Steam Input Per-Game setting. Here is how to do it:

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Go to your Library
  3. Right Click on Star Wars Squadrons
  4. Select Properties
  5. Set Steam Input Per-Game setting to Forced Off

Run the executable as administrator

Try to run the executable file or exe file of Star Wars Squadrons as admin. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Installation folder of Star Wars Squadrons
  2. Right Click on starwarssquadrons.exe
  3. Go to Compatibility tab
  4. Check “Run this program as an administrator”

These are all the fixes we have at the moment for people for whom Star Wars Squadrons won’t launch. We will be adding more soon.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below.

That’s all folks!

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