Solstice 2022 Start Time – Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Solstice Start Time – For its comeback in 2022, Solstice of Heroes is being renamed “Solstice.” Even though there have been numerous leaks about the infamous Destiny 2 event, Bungie has not yet confirmed any of them. We’d rather stick with official sources than to make theories or assumptions regarding the event.

When is the Solstice Event of 2022 starting in Destiny 2

The very first thing you’d be wondering is probably the duration of the event, it is going to last for 20 days approx, starting from July 19, 2022, all the way to August 9th, 2022, so a decent amount of time in hand, let’s say.

There’s obviously more to know about the event, here are the highlights:

Solstice 2022 Start Time in Destiny 2

The Event Card

With Solstice, Destiny 2 is bringing back Event Cards in a manner similar to the O.G. Destiny. A list of objectives to accomplish throughout the event will be inside the card. All players will have free access to the Event Card, which contains special event rewards, event challenges, event seals, titles, and other ordinary event awards. According to everything Bungie stated in the TWAB announcing these changes, event cards will be added to every “holiday” event.

Challenges in the Event Card:

The Guardians can earn rewards by completing Event Challenges. This includes anything from event tickets to shaders, emblems, and gear. Nothing will be time-bound, allowing Guardians to move at their own pace.

Event Seals & Titles

A number of new seals will be available for acquisition. While others will be connected to a number of events, some will just be connected to the single Solstice event. Through the Event Card, the progress on every particular seal may be monitored. On the other hand, though, Guardians must accomplish a specific amount of Event Challenges in each of the four annual Destiny events in order to earn the multi-event Seal. Similar achievements are linked to holiday events in World of Warcraft, and completing them all earns players extra rewards.

Solstice Rewards

Now Let us actually know the Rewards that await you. (the part you all have been waiting for :D)

There will be a 1000 Silver upgrade option within the Event Card. Players will receive an Exotic prize bundle right away. After the same, Guardians can use their Event Tickets to buy extra bonuses. According to Bungie, the finished Event Card is worth more than 3000 Silver tentatively.

The “Hot dog eating champ” emote, “Sunny Exotic Ghost Shell” and the “Iris Gossamer” would be available to claim INSTANTLY, but a number of other rewards which are yet to be disclosed would need the event tickets for them to be available to you.

Solstice 2022 Rewards - Destiny 2

That’s all we’ve got regarding the start time of Solstice 2022 event, make sure to check back eventually, you might find something more interesting!

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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