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Soldier’s Armor Location TOTK – Early in the game of Zelda TOTK, one of the best Base sets is the Soldier’s Armor. You can even make this armor your long-term choice by upgrading it. The only catch is that it will require much work and effort, but trust us, it is worth it. 

The Soldier’s Armor, Soldier’s Helm, and the Soldier’s Greaves make the Soldier’s Armor Set, and you can find it under the Hyrule Castle. Beneath the castles, the caverns are quite a mess, so we recommend that you follow the steps in the following guide. We also recommend that you carry with you quite a few arrows and bomb flowers, as you will be breaking a lot of debris during your quest, given that you want to get the armor as quickly as possible. 

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Chest Piece

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Chest Piece

Head to the following coordinates: -0254, 0621, 0043, the main gate of the castle. Here, enter the central part of the castle by climbing over the wall. After you have done so, around the left, you will see a path; head there till you reach an entrance between two dead trees. 

From there, use your ultrahand to move the two metal gates in the opening. Then, on your left, you will find stairs, head up using it and then take a right into a corridor with a faded red carpet. There you will find 2 Horriblin. 

You will have to defeat them and then take the entrance on the right side, climb up the stairs, and you shall reach the Observation room. Use your Ultrahand on the trap door there. Then, to discover the Royal Hidden Passage, climb down. You will find a chest that contains a diamond there.

From there, go down the stairs, and you will have to defeat a Blue Lizalfos. You can choose to glide to the bottom; however, on the other hand, you can choose to take the stairs, which you will find worth taking. This is because on the first level, the room just off the stairs has a Black Bokoblin. The room also has two chests containing a Soldier’s bow and a Knight’s Halberd. Moreover, if you break the boxes, you will find many powerful ingredients too!

After this, you won’t miss out on much if you glide. However, mind the Red Chuchu and the Keese if you walk. At the bottom, you will see a carved stone with some lore and a small tunnel leading to a breakable wall. To break through it, fuse a weapon with the rock if needed. 

After that, on the other side, continue to break through the Luminous Stone after you defeat the mini-stone taluses. This will lead you to another chamber that has a Like Like. You can either defeat it or ignore it and keep heading to the bottom of the area. Now, heading north, you will find a small place with some ore and the Bubbulfrog. However, you must head to the South after you defeat Like Like and find an area with destroyable rubble. 

Break through this rubble to discover a flat platform and a drop-down to find yet more rubble there. Break through that too, and you will find a rounded archway in the wall you have dropped below. 

You will find quite a few Bokoblins and weapons to gather, and when you are done with them, head back to the cell with the massive boulder in the ground. Use your ultrahand to lift it and open an entrance you can now drop into.

Head to the tunnel’s end and make use of Ascend. Ensure you do not go up too high, as this will lead you to end up in the room with Like Like. You need to be in the cell room again, with Bokoblin in the locked cell. You need to defeat it, and you can also break the boxes here to get a bunch of arrows. 

soldiers armor

The chest here contains the Soldier’s Armor Chest piece and can only be found here. This is stronger than most of the armor in the early game, as it gives four defenses. You can also upgrade it at Great Fairy Fountains. 

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Head Piece

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Head Piece

Head down back to the corridor and Ascend to the jail room. With the help of the gap in the rubble, you made, re-enter the room. Past some bomb flowers, you will find a destructible area on the opposite side. However, this will be blue and not the usual brown. You will have to use the Bomb flowers to break through here, as the material will be much harder comparatively. 

Head ahead, and you will find another blue rubble, destroy it too. You must swim to the Pillars, so enter the water. From where you first entered the cavern, look to the left. You will find an archway blocked by black rubble; swim to it. You will have to use a Hammer-type weapon to break it. 

You will face an Ice Like in the next room on the left. If you step on the ice platforms created by it, you will freeze and even get cold damage. So defeat it as fast as possible to avoid freezing the whole room. When you are done defeating it, head into the room where it was. On your left side, you will find a chest. It contains the Soldier’s Helm. This, too, gives you four defense points. 

soldiers helm

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Legs

Location of the Soldier’s Armor Legs

Return to the pool and head through the opening on your left. However, you might just want to head back to the room’s central area to gather rock-fused weapons (You will require quite a few of these or the bomb flowers going on ahead).

You will notice a few oral deposits directly ahead through the blue rubble. However, you need to follow the path, which will take a sharp left turn and ascend in a spiral. Do keep an eye out for Keese, including an eye out for an electric variant near the first ore deposit on this route. You will find more debris at the top to destroy.

You will be encountering a few Bokoblin and a Moblin too, and the simplest way to defeat them is to knock them into the water below. Furthermore, you can even head down there to find a small area with glowing cavefish, fairies, and tireless frogs that are key for the stamina recipes. After you are done, continue above, along the ledge—then break through another blue debris wall. 

There you will find two stone taluses; defeat them. Now, on the debris wall, look for the back part where it meets the wall. There is a stalactite that will be pointing downwards. Remember the jump attacks, that is, X, followed by Y.

In this room, you will find a few small prizes. Break through the debris at the back right. After doing so, you will find a chest with a Soldier’s Claymore. However, again, the main part is defeating Like Like. 

After doing that, on the left of it, you will find a chest. Open it, and you will get the Soldier’s Greaves, the last and final piece of the Soldier’s Armor Set. Like the other two, this also gives 4 points of protection until you choose to upgrade it. You now have the complete Soldier’s Armor set.

soldier greaves

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about  Soldier’s Armor Location in Zelda TOTK.

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