Best Sniper Elite 5 Graphics Settings to fix FPS drops and Stuttering

Sniper Elite 5 FPS Drops and Stuttering fix – Sniper Elite 5  is a third-person tactical shooter game based on stealth and engagement mechanics. The game has been published and developed by Rebellion Developments. It is mainly a sequel to the already famous Sniper Elite 4, and this is their fifth instalment in the Series.

The Sniper Elite Series is primarily known for its highly unique gunplay, with the game’s core feature focusing on bullet-time Slow motion. Such advanced weapon handling and shooting made the Sniper Elite Series viral among Third-person Shooter fans. You can assassinate high-ranking Nazi Generals and perform different trick shots to take down the enemies. You will also be tasked with gathering enemy intel on large and open maps.

This highly anticipated game will be available on PC and consoles, and Sniper Elite 5 will be sticking to its core elements that made this franchise a vast success. Rebellion plans to extend and improve the game’s overall experience in this instalment.

The recent Steam Hardware Survey shows that most gamers are still gaming on low to medium graphics cards like the GTX 1050Ti, GTX 1650, and GTX 1060, while a small margin of gamers is using the RTX 2060. This happened mainly because of the GPU price inflation in recent years due to bitcoin mining; gamers, content creators, and PC Enthusiasts are either not getting their hands on both low and high-end GPUs due to a lack of stock in the market or the price is so inflated that an average gamer cannot afford a newer generation Graphics card. So this is the core reason I decided to make the best Graphics Settings to fix stuttering and the significant performance issues catered towards gamers with low-medium end gaming rigs.

This guide will show you the best graphics settings for Sniper Elite 5 for low-medium end gaming PCs. You will have a smoother experience in-game, and it might also help you eliminate various performance issues like FPS drops and Stuttering.

Sniper Elite 5 Graphics Settings

Here are the recommended Graphics Settings that you can try to eliminate performance issues and fix stuttering in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 graphics settings

  • Display Mode – Exclusive Fullscreen (you lose out a lot of performance if you play in a windowed or a borderless windowed mode)
  • Resolution – 2560×1440 (Always set it to the native monitor resolution; otherwise, the image will be blurry)
  • Fidelity FX Super Resolution – Off (I like to keep this off)
  • Render Scale – 100% (lowering the scale further brings in blurriness to the image)
  • Brightness – As per your requirements
  • Graphics Detail – Custom (because we have tweaked the settings inside the Custom Tab)
  • Customize Graphics Detail – Click this tab to tweak for more advanced Graphics settings
  • HDR – Off
  • V-Sync – Off (V-Sync eats up too much of the performance, always recommended to keep it Off)
  • A-Sync Compute – Off (Keep it off for better performance)
  • Reduce Mouse Lag – Off (Otherwise, it will force the GPU to monitor the mouse movements)

Sniper Elite 5 best custom graphics settings

  • Anti-aliasing – Low (Turning off Anti-Aliasing will lead to blurriness in the image)
  • Shadow Detail – Low (Keep it low to improve performance)
  • Reflection Detail – Low (always keep it at low for the best performance)
  • Draw Distance – Medium (Keep Draw Distance at Medium as higher draw distance impacts performance for older systems but keeping it low will hinder your ranged sniping vision)
  • Texture Detail – Medium (Medium worked the best for me, but you can choose high if you want)
  • Water Detail – Medium (It didn’t affect my performance, so I kept it medium, you can set it to low as well)
  • Ambient Occlusion – On (Doesn’t affect the performance)
  • Motion Blur – Off (I always keep it off to eliminate the blurriness during motion)
  • Tessellation – Off (Kept it off for slightly better performance)
  • Obscurance Fields – Off (Always keep it off because it is a Ray Tracing feature, which will eat up a lot of GPU power)

Try out these settings, and if it does not work out for you, try lowering down the metrics more like Texture Detail, Water detail and check again. Continue tweaking those aspects until you get into a playable performance range (i.e. FPS 40-60).

How to fix the Stuttering, FPS Drops in Sniper Elite 5

Nvidia Users

Download the latest Geforce Gameready Drivers from Geforce Experience, or click here to download the optimal drivers for Sniper Elite 5 manually and install them.

AMD Users

AMD users can download the Adrenalin 22.3.1 Optional version from here as it provides support for Sniper Elite 5. Just fill in the details, and download links should show up.

  1. Tweak the Nvidia Control Panel settings for Sniper Elite 5
  2. Go to your Nvidia Control Panel
  3. Click on ‘Adjust image settings with preview‘ located on the left side under 3D settings
  4. Select ‘Use my preference emphasising ‘and set it to ‘Performance.
  5. Now try playing Sniper Elite 5 again, and see if you are getting fps drops or not

Disable Nvidia Instant Replay or Windows Background Recording

I suggest you turn off features like Windows Background Recording and Nvidia Instant replay. The Xbox Game Bar and Game Mode should be disabled as well.

To turn off Nvidia Instant Replay:

  1. Press Alt+Z [You have Nvidia in-game overlay enabled if you are using instant replay]
  2. Click on the Instant Replay block
  3. Turn it off from there

To turn off Background Recording:

  1. Go to your Windows 10/Windows 11 settings menu
  2. Select Gaming
  3. Select Captures from the left
  4. Turn off Background Recording for the menu

Select the correct GPU, if your system has 2 GPUs

You may also be running a computer with two video cards. Make sure the game uses your dedicated graphics card instead of the integrated one.

If you are using an Nvidia GPU, here is what you need to do:

  1. In Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Go to Manage 3D settings
  3. Select Global Settings
  4. Then, under “Preferred graphics processor” select High-performance NVIDIA processor

So this was all about Sniper Elite 5 FPS Drops and Stuttering Fix.

If you think this guide has helped you, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Sniper Elite 5 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We cover every single technical issue of the game from the launch day. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on May 27, 2022

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  1. I don’t like this article because you are giving false info so clearly u did not do enough research…..I was unaware of what FidelityFX was but with a simple google search learned it is a technology by AMD and unlike DLSS is DOES support BOTH AMD AND NVIDIA GPUS!! With FidelityFX enabled on ultra vs off I am getting MUCH MUCH better performance image quality barley goes down but what I like most is that temps drops by 10 degrees and it runs much easier on system (doesn’t stress it so much and I am on nearly all ultra settings except water, reflection and shadows. Also depending on your setup vsync might be better as all it does is sync game fps to monitor refresh rate. Mine being 144 it won’t allow fps to go over 144 which is favorable for me because I am running rtx 3080 and Ryzen 5900x. When vsync is on I am at over 200 fps which causes gpu and cpu to run hotter and harder. So figure out what works for you I was just curious what people were thinking for settings wise as I like to have best settings. Please research thoroughly before you even think about suffering what people should be setting their settings to thanks.

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