Serious Sam 4 – Achievements Guide

Serious Sam 4 Achievements – Now that Serious Sam 4 is out, lets take a look at the achievements that you can unlock in the game.

Serious Sam 4 – Achievements Guide

Level Achievements

  • Regression – Beat “Man vs Beast”
  • Ecclesiastical Extraction – Beat “Death From Above”
  • Roman Holiday – Beat “Death from Below”
  • Volcano Antagonizor – Beat “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”
  • Hot Hot Hot – Beat “Gates of Hell”
  • All Roads Lead to Rome – Beat “The Die is Cast”
  • Are You Not Entertained? – Beat “Morituri te Salutant”
  • La Nonna E Mobile – Beat “When in Rome”
  • Holy Diver – Beat “Machina Ex Deus”
  • Harvest Noon – Beat “Breakfast in France”
  • See Carcassone And Die – Beat “One for the Road”
  • The Informant – Beat “Viva la Resistance”
  • Class Reunion – Beat “In Carcassone”
  • The Last Human – Beat “Anathema Unto God”
  • Oils Well That Ends Well – Beat “The Package”
  • From Earth With Love – Beat “From Earth with Love”
  • Serious Sam – Beat every level on any difficulty.

Serious Sam 4 achievements

Side Objective Achievements

The format here is : Achievement Name – Achievement Description – How to obtain

  • The Spirit of Roma – Beat “We Can Be Heroes” in “Death From Below” – You will be led directly to this one by Father Mikhail.
  • Cultist Simulator – Beat “Key to Success” in Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. – After unlocking the gate, continue forward until you find a locked armory. Go left and complete the side objective.
  • For The Cause – Beat “Thin Red Line” in “Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse”. – Follow the blood trail after finding the radio near the ruins.
  • That Belongs In A Museum – Beat “Amateur Archeology” in “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. – Dr Kiesel will direct you to it.
  • That Burning Sensation – Collect 4 Burned Samples in “Gates of Hell” for Dr Kiesel. – You get this objective automatically. Follow the waypoints or use WAY TO GO to find the pieces.
  • Hard Science Fiction – Beat “Potal Kombat” on “The Die is Cast” or “Portal Too” on “In Carcassone”. – Both are directed to you on the main path in each level.
  • Signature Move – Beat “Locked and Hancocked” on “Morituri Te Salutant”. – It’s before you enter the mini coliseum.
  • You Have Been Wormed – Beat “Worm’s Armageddon” on “When In Rome”. – It’s on the main path and is hard to miss.
  • Where’s That Girl – Beat “Gabriella’s Knight” on “When In Rome”. – Take a left after going up the stairs up from the river to find it.
  • Mushroom Surprise – Beat “Fun Guy” in “Breakfast in France”. – When getting the bike, turn around and go the other direction for a minute and take the dirt road to find the objective.
  • Southern Gentleman – Beat “Southern Belletower” in “Breakfast in France”. – Take the main road until you hear Annabelle call for help – look for the tower on the right side of the road.
  • Fulbert Le Fou – Beat “Armed, Farmed and Alarmed” on “One for the Road”. – When you finish the Mech section, take the road to the right past the werebulls instead of going through the small village. Enjoy your 15 minute walk to find this side objective through the swamps. And no, there is no faster way other than walking.
  • Serious Art – Beat “The Art of War” on “Vive La Resistance”. – It’s along the main path, take the right fork inside the canals.
  • The French Achievement – Beat “Let’s Workshop This” on “Vive La Resistance”. – You’ll find it off the main path after the warehouse arena.
  • Classic Hero Stuff – Beat “The Princess and the Pie” on “In Carcassone”. – You can’t miss it, you will get a cutscene on the main path. If you get the Laser gun, you’ve missed your chance.
  • Quality Time – Beat “What the Hellfire” on “Anathema Unto God”. – Play the level until you find Hellfire on the main path. Take a right to do the side mission.
  • Brass Lantern – Beat “Twisted Little Passages” on “The Package” – It’s a text adventure on a computer you find after crossing the small bridges connecting the two towers.

Hidden / Action Achievements

Earn these achievements through player action and not missions / level completion.

  • Get Serious – Unlock 10 Skills in one playthrough – Play the campaign or start the final level and award yourself 10 skills.
  • Oh, Shut Up! – Destroy 10 Propaganda Drones – They’re in several levels, you can easily get this by playing normally.They appear in Urban Environments and near the drone side objective in Breakfast in France.
  • Bullseye – One-shot 3 werebulls with the double shotgun – You can do this in the first level after getting the double shotgun. Hit them in the head for a critical shot when they’re close. Easy.
  • Tear ‘n’ Rip – Melee a big enemy – You need to get the final melee skill on the skill tree for this. Simply stun a Khnum or a Red Biomech as they are most reliably stunned and melee them. (Press E, not the knife)
  • Atomic Wedgie – Use the Mininuke to eliminate 100 Enemies at Once – Get the Mininuke from the Side Objective “Locked and Hancocked” on “Morituri Te Salutant” and take it through until you get to “Machina Ex Deus”. Go to the park arena and let every single enemy spawn and then use the Nuke. You’ll kill 100 enemies easily if you sprint around long enough.
  • Max Pain – Kill 5 Enemies using a single Time Warp Slowdown – Very easy to get – do the side objective “Amateur Acheologist” in “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” to get this item and then kill 5 dudes.
  • Heads Up! – Kill 100 Enemies with a Headshot – No tips here, just shoot a lot of Processed and Clones in the head. You can kill larger enemies with these too but it’s more reliable on smallfry.
  • Pow Pow! – Kill an Aludran Reptiloid using nothing but a pistol. – You can get this easily in “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” after placing the first beacon. Shoot the Reptiloid after its appearance cutscene to get this achievement.
  • Megabarf – Kill a Belcher using Belcher collateral bard damage – You can get this on level one. After getting the double shotgun, let the three Belcher’s spawn and then gather them together. For guranteed success, weaken them all with the pistol and then make one explode to get this achievement.
  • Spinal tap – Kill 11 Different Enemies using melee attacks. – This is the skill point melees not the knife. Melee 11 different enemies to get this. (Processed, Clone Soldier, Clone Commander (Shield), Beheadeds, Arachnoid (Minor), Biomechanoid (Major), Khnum, Werebull, Zealots, Kleer, Space Mummy to name a few that you can melee.)
  • All Kleer – Kill 50 Healthy Kleers with a direct double shotgun blast. – Simply get right up close to a Kleer and one shot it with a double shotgun 50 times.
  • Enemy of my Enemy – Make 20 Enemies kill each other using Psychotropic Grenades – Obtain these from the “Worm’s Armageddon” on “When In Rome” and use them on a large crowd of enemies. Kamikaze hordes work best. The Park in Machina Ex Deus is a good if desperate.
  • Say Hello to my Mini Friend – Spend 1000 Minigun Rounds while firing continuously. – You can get this on “Death from Below” if you don’t kill the boss with the minigun and just expend all 1000 bullets you are given. Otherwise you can do it at the park in “Machina Ex Deus”.
  • Harvest Festival – Harvest 100 enemies with the combine harvester. – Run over 100 dudes with the combine harvester in “Breakfast in France”.
  • No Surrender – Kill 5 enemies while your health is below 10hp. – On the tin. Doesn’t have to be in a row.
  • Spread the Joy – Kill 3 enemies with a double shotgun blast. – Use it on beheadeds and kamikazes for best chances.
  • This Seems Safe – Unlock a S.A.M. – Unlocked by critical path in the main campaign.
  • Vene Vidi Witchy – Kill a Witchbride using C4 – Super easy to do in “Hell on Earth” – kill the final boss (Witchbride) with C4, there’s a box of C4 in the arena to make it easier. You can weaken her with other weapons first.
  • Quadruple the Gun – Kill 20 enemies while dual wielding double shotguns. – On the tin, you’ll need the 2nd dual wielding upgrade to pull this off.
  • Dismemberfest – Dismember 50 Enemies with Cannonballs – Easily done in “Anathema Unto God” or “From Earth With Love”


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