Sea Of Thieves – How to equip a pet

Having a pet is an awesome thing, whether it is in real life or in a video game. Here is how you can equip a pet in Sea Of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves – How to equip a pet

In order to equip a pet you need to:

Step 1

Enter an active Arena or Adventure session.

Step 2

Go to the lower decks of your ship or outside the Pirate Emporium store that you can find in every outpost.

Step 3

Go to the Pet tab that you find there.

Step 4

Choose your pet

Step 5

Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 6

Press Esc and you will see your pet appear nearby

Remember, once equipped you pet will follow you everywhere. So if you want to unequip your pet, then the process is pretty much the same. Just go back to the pet chest and unequip.

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