Rock Slide TM Location in Scarlet and Violet

Rock slide location scarlet violet – One of the moves that are essential in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the Rock Slide which is often considered worth learning.

It is a move that was first ever introduced in the Pokemon universe in Gen I. To give a one-liner introduction about it, if it is in the right hands, this move can easily make a rock-type Pokemon shine!

It is a move that is Rock type, has almost 30% chance of making the enemy flinch, and has a base power of 75.

If we were to talk about the competitive scenario, then it is considered a move that increases the enemy’s chances of failed attacks and thus allows your Pokemon to survive for longer and deal with more damage.

If you need help learning the move, we’re here for you, keep reading the text to find out where you can find the Rock Slide TM in the game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Rock Slide TM Location in Scarlet and Violet

The Rock Slide TM is situated near the Levincia Lighthouse, in a dig site. If you want to reach there, you must first go to Levincia Lighthouse by teleporting and then go to the place marked as below (With the orange flag) on the map. As this is an area with low-level Pokemon, so you will be perfectly fine when you try going to the location, rest assured.

Rock Slide TM Location in Scarlet and Violet

An advantage to all is the color scheme of the place and the area, which would really help you find the glowing TM in a rather plain sight. You will see that it lies extremely near an excavation site. 

When you have collected it, you will get a notification about its availability. This move would allow you to summon huge boulders at your enemy pokemon and would cause them damage and increase their flinching chances.

This is similar to the Surf TM. This is not given in the in-game description, but this move can even hit both of the opposing Pokémon, that too, at once. Hence, this is useful even during the double format.

Rock Slide Crafting Requirements

If you want to make copies of the move, then head to any of the Pokemon Centers and use a TM Machine there. Now, you need to have certain pre-requisite materials to craft it. They are:

  • League points(LP) – x5000
  • Rockruff Rock – x3
  • Bonstly Teras – x3
  • Nacli Salt – x3

That pretty much sums up all we had on Rock Slide TM location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2023

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