Risk Of Rain 2 – Mouse Issues And Bugs – How To Fix

Risk Of Rain 2 has proven to be a huge success. It has only gained attention and popularity since its launch on Steam. Players are thoroughly enjoying this game, solo or with a team. The amount of features this small game has to offer is commendable. That being said, some are experiencing a few hiccups here and there while playing Risk Of Rain 2 as well.

Bugs and glitches are pretty common in games nowadays, especially when it is an online title. It is a sad truth that we would have to deal with. But that doesn’t mean these bugs and issues cannot be fixed.

Recently players have been witnessing an issue where their mouse is malfunctioning at times. Sometimes, the mouse movement is super slow, and sometimes it is superfast. In a game like Risk Of Rain 2, where you have to constantly move your mouse to protect yourself from the enormous mob of enemies and huge bosses, mouse is last thing players would want to malfunction. But there is no need to worry as we have already discovered a fix for this bug. This fix has proven to work for many including us. Here is how to fix mouse acceleration bug or issue in Risk Of Rain 2:

How to fix mouse acceleration issue in Risk Of Rain 2

Step #1

  • If you are running Risk Of Rain 2 at the moment then close it

Step #2

  • Open Device Manager on your PC. Just type ‘device manager’ on your Windows search bar and the option will pop up

Step #3

  • Now click on the View tab on top of the window located just beside ‘Action’

Step #4

  • Select Devices by connection. By default it would be Devices by type

Step #5

  • Locate the Vjoy device from the list

Step #6

  • Right-click on it

Step #7

  • Just Uninstall or Disable it

[Note: If you are unable to find the Vjoy device on the Device Manager of your PC then this fix is not for you]

You are good to go!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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